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Would Vaping Hemp Oil Make You High?

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Fortunately, vaping hemp oil will not create the same buzz or high that is often associated with cannabis or marijuana. Surprised? Read on.

Vaping, or inhaling vaporized substances, was welcomed with arms wide open almost two decades ago because people were looking for a way out of combustible tobacco products.

First it was just vape juices with nicotine and flavors. Now, people are looking to vaping something more potent and quite possibly, more beneficial to the body: hemp oil.

What is hemp oil?

Hemp oil is extracted from hemp hearts, or hemp seeds. The process begins when the hemp is about three or four months old, and the hemp hearts are showing signs of ‘shattering.’

Shattering occurs when the bracts or outer layer of the seeds begin to split, and subsequently dry out, revealing the seeds beneath.

The hemp is harvested, and the hemp hearts are separated. Manufacturers from places like the United States and Canada harvest hemp not just for the fiber, but also for the floral biomass that can then be used to produce CBD oil.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is simply hemp oil. CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of many cannabinoids found in Cannabis sativa.

Industrial hemp, where hemp oil is extracted from, does not contain high levels of THC, so it’s not really the same marijuana plant that is smoked to get high. CBD oil can be used in edibles, or vaporized as therapy for various medical conditions.

What are the uses of CBD in hemp oil?

Cannabidiol has been associated with many health benefits, and many of these benefits are backed by actual studies. The quest to find out just how useful CBD can be to the human race is still ongoing, but this much we already know:

1. It’s good for pain. Chronic or acute pain sufferers can get a measure of relief from CBD, as it appears to be effective in reducing the intensity of pain in most situations where there is muscular or even neurological pain.

There is also evidence that suggests that people suffering from osteoarthritis can used CBD oil has an adjunct treatment that will not only reduce pain, but also swelling in affected joints.

2. It’s good for depression and anxiety. Clinical depression is tough to battle, and some people simply do not feel that they are getting well from conventional treatment.

Enter CBD, and its almost mystifying ability to reduce the onset of CD’s symptoms. Ditto for anxiety, as it has a calming effect on both rats and humans. Not surprising, as the Cannabis sativa plant has been used for centuries to ‘cure’ anxiety and calm overactive emotions.

3. It can attack cancer cells. There are now numerous studies that reveal that CBD can actually attack and neutralize different kinds of cancer, including breast cancer. Why it is able to do this, scientists are still trying to figure out.

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