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Willie Nelson Releases New Hemp-Infused Product Line

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American songwriter and singer Willie Nelson, who’s also a longtime advocate of hemp, is among the many who are getting into the CBD industry. Nelson recently launched a new line of products made from CBD and these include a CBD-infused coffee. Named “Willie’s Remedy”, the hemp-infused coffee is made with organic full-spectrum hemp oil derived from crops that were cultivated in Colorado.

CBD-Infused Whole Bean Coffee

According to Forbes, the beans used in making the CBD infused coffee of Nelson were sourced from the small farms in the Santiago region of Colombia. The coffee is available in three different bean varieties – Caturra, Colombia, and Castillo. Featuring a medium dark blend that has a well-balanced acidity, the coffee packs a powerful punch. As stated on the product label, it has the flavor notes of cocoa and cherry.

When the coffee is brewed, each 8-oz. cup of coffee will have 7 mg of hemp-derived CBD. The CBD used was cultivated in the US, particularly in the state of Colorado.

Hemp Production in the US

The production of hemp in America has been throttled for a very long time although it can now make all the differences for small and independent hemp growers. Nelson believes that hemp is not only good for the farmers but for the economy as well. In fact, it’s also good for the environment and the soil, and most especially for our health. Nelson is not new to the marijuana business. He has his own personal brand of weed known as Willie’s Reserve, which he launched back in 2015.

However, his new product, Willie’s Remedy, is only made of CBD, particularly hemp oil. Unlike weed, CBD contains an extremely small amount of THC. Annie, Nelson’s wife who’s behind the product line, said that Willie’s Remedy line was developed purposely in their plans to move from Willie’s Reserve, which is their weed line of products.

The goal is not to get people high. Instead, it’s still all about Willie and they believe that CBD has the same benefits that cannabis has to offer. They take great pride in producing high-quality CBD products, derived only from hemp that was sourced and grown in the American soil. Hopefully, this can help people improve their health and wellness.

Supporting American Farmers

Nelson’s CBD product line, which is scheduled for launch later this year, is committed to helping American farmers and promote environmental stewardship. It also aims to offer consumers an easy way to take full advantage of the many health benefits that hemp can provide.

Nelson is a US farming advocate who organized Farm Aid in 1985 to shed light on the loss of farms and to raise funds to help keep the farm families stay on their land. Having worked with the local farming communities for decades, Nelson believes that hemp is the only solution in creating sustainable jobs and providing opportunities for local farmers and manufacturers in the United States.

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