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Will Hemp Be Able to Help Struggling Farmers?

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Growing hemp has allowed for several farmers in the United States to support their family. Hemp is a variety of the cannabis sativa that doesn’t trigger any psychoactive effects. While the marijuana plants are known to have both the non-psychoactive cannabidiol CBD as well as the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol THC extracts, hemp only contains CBD. And while marijuana is only grown in small quantities and under a tightly controlled condition, hemp can be grown in field crops outdoors, similar to corn and other agricultural crops.

Potential for Huge Benefit

There’s indeed a potentially huge benefit on hemp for the west. It can be grown to harvest about half as much water as the corn can and it’s capable of tolerating a wide range of temperature and soil. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any pesticides and can grow extremely fast! In fact, it can grow into as much as 30 feet in only 100 days!

If hemp replaces other crops in a large acreage, it could potentially save precious amount of water supplies in the arid areas of the west, which can be put to other uses. Given the climate change that we’re experiencing over the last few years, which could potentially shrink the mountain snow, growing hemp is definitely a good idea. 

What It’s Like to Grow Hemp

Hemp uses more water at the start of its growth. However, once it passes its development stage, which is usually in 3 weeks, it could become one of the most drought tolerant crops on Earth.

Hemp, which originates from China, is said to be among the world’s oldest cultivated crops. During the 1930s, the crop was grown commercially in the United States and its fibers were used to produce various industrial products such as fabrics, ropes, sails etc. However, the industry was killed in 1937 because during that time, it was still difficult to identify between hemp and marijuana.

It was around 1970 when the THC was determined to be the defining characteristic of marijuana. At that time, the entire genus of the plant was banned federally and was included in the list of controlled substances. But nowadays, CBD oil is recognized widely as an effective treatment for various health issues from aches and pains to epilepsy and cancer.

The Flourishing Industry of Cannabis

The shift into the legalization of cannabis is expected to result in a flourishing cannabis industry. The CBD’s popularity, a wellness ingredient that can be infused to almost everything, from face masks to cold brew, has exploded. Recent reports have revealed that the CBD market is expected to become a $22 billion industry when the year 2022 comes. As a result, there’s now an emerging group of young farmers who are eagerly trying to get their hands on this green rush.

But money is not the only thing that attracts these young farmers to hemp. Most of them have personal experiences with cannabis and say that it has treated them well and helped their loved ones as well, thanks to its excellent therapeutic properties.

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