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Will Hemp Be Able to Boost the Economy of Illinois?

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It was in August 2018 when the Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, decided to sign the Industrial Hemp Act. Such act aimed to legalize hemp cultivation in the state. In December of the same year, Congress passed a Farm Bill that sought to legalize the production of industrial hemp in the United States. Because of this, CBD oil that’s extracted in the state of Illinois can now be sold legally to some other states.

Indeed, the industrial hemp industry will be a great boost for the state’s economy. In fact, it’s predicted to become a billion dollar industry now that the state will be taking part in the cultivation and processing of hemp, from distribution to export. This decision will surely have a great impact on the economy of Illinois in the coming years.

Applications to Grow and Process Industrial Hemp

During the first two days that the Dept. of Agriculture in Illinois started accepting applications to process and grow industrial hemp, there are a whopping 350 applications that were submitted. These applications came from farmers and processors who are looking forward to growing hemp this coming spring.

Although hemp is associated with cannabis, they are two different things. Hemp may be considered a cannabis plant, but it does not have enough of the THC, the component that’s responsible for the psychoactive feeling that one would feel when smoking weed. Thus, it will not get anyone high.

Hemp crops have a limit of 0.3% THC and the state is planning to conduct a random check on hemp farms to ensure that growers have adhered to these limits.

Detailed Application

Those who will apply for a license to cultivate and process hemp have to provide detailed application and answer lots of questions. This is to ensure that they know exactly where the plants are being grown and that the growers have not been abusing the rules set regarding the THC limit. They further added that they are going to visit the field and conduct some tests to ensure that the THC levels of the crops are within the limit so these crops can be used in the way that they are supposed to be used.

Various Uses of Hemp

The state of Illinois has a long history for producing and growing hemp to be used in producing different kinds of things, including rope used during World War II. But when the state declared a war on drugs, they made a decision to ban the substance. Nowadays, however, there are 43 states in the US that consider hemp legal for a wide variety of applications.

When it comes to hemp, it’s often thought of as an oilseed and fiber crop. Aside from the rope, hemp can also be made into building materials, textiles, CBD oil, and edible oil used for salad dressing. Furthermore, the seed can be used as animal feed and for people to eat as well. The stalks are used to make building materials and to produce clothing and several other things. Indeed, there’s a great potential in hemp, something that the state of Illinois can greatly benefit from.

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