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Why You Should Try the Hemp Pasta from Sfoglini?

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Sfoglini is a NY-based company that specializes in producing organic pasta made from the finest local ingredients. One of their newest products is pasta made from hemp, which is known for its distinct nutty flavor.

Established by long-time friends Scott Ketchum and Steve Gonzalez, the Sfoglini Pasta Shop is dedicated to producing products with a focus on freshness, locality, sustainability, and flavor. What sets them apart is the quality of their ingredients and the diversity of their flavors. The ingredients are usually sourced from local farms all over New York.

Combining the superfood qualities of hemp with the founder’s excellent skills in pasta making, the Sfoglini hemp pasta may soon invade kitchens all over the world.

Passionate About Food and Global Flavors

The founders of Sfoglini are very passionate about food. Gonzalez studied culinary arts for many years and has worked as a professional chef. On the other hand, Ketchum is a creative director and graphic designer who has worked for some of the biggest firms in New York and San Francisco. He took up a degree in brewing at the Siebel Institute in Chicago and traveled to Europe where he witnessed the diverse food culture of France, Belgium, and Italy.

Starts at the Farm

Both founders firmly believe in the philosophy behind using locally sourced ingredients. Sfoglini believes that producing good pasta starts right from the farm. The local ingredients they use for their products such as the corn, flour, rye and wheat are sourced from various local farmers in New York.

Nowadays, the company offers a distinct selection of seasonal pasta that includes the Cuttlefish Ink Spaccatelli, Beet Fusilli, and the Saffron Malloreddus. Their most recent product is the hemp pasta, which combines the delicious nutty flavor of hemp as well as the plant’s excellent nutrition profile.

Hemp Pasta’s Nutty Flavor and Nutrition

The hemp pasta that Sfoglini offers is available in three different varieties; the Hemp Radiators, Hemp Zucca, and Hemp Rigatoni. Each variety has a distinct shape and has different features. The Rigatoni and Radiators work well with recipes that feature thick sauces and with cheesy flavors because the shape of this pasta soaks up the sauces well and traps the flavor.

The Hemp Zucca, on the other hand, works extremely well with dishes that have chopped ingredients. Their clamshell shapes have the ability to trap these ingredients well, which makes the dish even more flavorful. All of these pasta varieties have the nutrient-dense quality of hemp and a nutty flavor that can further enhance the overall flavor of the recipes.

From the recommendation of their friend, Ketchum and Gonzalez went to JD Farms, which is the first hemp farm in New York that was approved by the USDA. After checking the farm and sampling their organic hemp, they knew right then that this is the ingredient that they want to incorporate to their pasta.

Sfoglini’s hemp pasta is now growing in popularity. Of the three varieties, it’s the Hemp Rigatoni that’s selling fast in the market.

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