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Why Topical CBD Could Be a Promising Solution for Arthritis and Joint Pains

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While CBD oil, which is a non-psychedelic extract of the industrial hemp, offers lots of healing benefits when consumed for people who are suffering from chronic pain and various skin conditions, CBD topical application is a more suitable option. Topical CBD is said to work faster because it will no longer have to go through the body’s digestive system for treatment.

Therapeutic Potential for the Relief of Arthritis

There have been several types of research done to determine the overall benefits of CBD among humans. However, when it comes to topical applications, most of the studies were actually done on animals. For instance, a 2016 study at the University of Kentucky found that the CBD is indeed effective in relieving the symptoms of arthritis among rats. In this study, scientists induced arthritis on the animals’ knee joints and observed if the CBD could improve their mobility and minimize the pain.

According to the researchers, the transdermal CBD gel has helped to significantly reduce the swelling on the rat’s joints. They have also stated that the rat’s exploratory behavior wasn’t altered, which indicates that the CBD has a limited effect on the brain function.

Benefits of Topical CBD for Joint Pains

There are already quite a few neurologists who have been prescribing topical CBD to their patients. They believe that the topical CBD is truly a fantastic option since they can be easily measured in terms of the composition of the ingredients. Furthermore, they are higher in terms of bioavailability, unlike the other CBD products that have to be orally ingested. The reason is that topical CBD no longer has to go through the liver metabolism.

CBD really shines through when used as a topical application. Further studies are still being done to determine that. Eventually, researchers are hoping to combine it with some other topical applications for relieving pain. One patient said that he tried to use the topical CBD to treat a stubborn chronic pain. It did help a little, although it wasn’t enough to stop the pain entirely so he ended up ingesting other CBD products that were actually more effective in treating the pain.

More Research is Needed

Despite the limited studies on the benefits of topical CBD, a lot of people have experienced first-hand its healing properties. In fact, the medical industry is still on the process of determining if the CBD can, indeed, help epilepsy sufferers despite decades of scientific research. But this shouldn’t discourage you from giving the topical CBD a try. If you believe that this is the solution to your pain, then you should give it a try.

As with any other CBD products, it’s important that you take the time to check your source. Ensure that they have a good reputation for offering high-quality CBD supplements. Whether you’re suffering from post-workout soreness, arthritis, chronic pain, and skin diseases, the topical CBD might be the only treatment that you have been looking for.

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