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Why Quality Matters in Hemp and Cannabis

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Although thousands of people were able to benefit from the use of CBD for treatment, it’s worth noting that it’s not really a miracle cure for every disease, regardless of what some websites claim. It’s unfortunate that there are dishonest vendors out there that would lure customers by giving them misleading information about CBD.

Since there have been some regulations concerning CBD and hemp, proper education is crucial. That way, customers will be able to make an informed decision regarding the purchase and use of CBD products. Remember that when it comes to buying CBD oil, a little knowledge can certainly go a long way.

Low-Quality CBD Threatens the Industry Reputation

Dishonest CBD vendors, as well as companies involved in multi-level marketing schemes, tend to prey on vulnerable customers who are desperately looking for an effective treatment for their sick relatives and friends. They will lure customers with misleading product labels and inflated claims regarding the effectiveness of the hemp extracts used for these products.

CBD is known for its many benefits and that includes relieving chronic pain and minimizing seizure episodes on epilepsy. Unfortunately, not all websites that sell CBD products for treatment are being honest. Many buyers fall prey of poor quality products with misleading labels.

Toxic Pesticides and Impurities Found in Cannabis

Impurities and toxins have been found in some legal medicinal and recreational cannabis, which puts the health of users at high risk. There was a time when NBC reporters tested the cannabis products being sold in the legal dispensaries of California and they found that 93% of them had a pesticide level that was more than the legal maximum set. Although the state of California didn’t set any guidelines regarding pesticide use, the discovery of NBC forced some dispensaries to pull out the contaminated products off their shelves.

Certain pesticides can be dangerous once inhaled. In Denver, some dispensaries were forced to remove some of the cannabis products that were found to be containing myclobutanil, a type of pesticide. This pesticide was being marketed under the label “Eagle 20”, and although it’s relatively safe to use for other purposes, this pesticide can turn into a cyanide gas once burned, which is risky for cannabis vapers and smokers.

Quality of Source Matters

Hemp is a truly remarkable plant that comes with several miraculous properties and the potential to treat various illnesses. But remember that just because the product is natural doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s safer or better. Just like with any products, it’s important for hemp users to educate themselves on the different options for CBD before they buy instead of believing all the claims that they read online. Regardless of the type of CBD product that you intend to use, always take the time to research about its source.

Hopefully, this article will serve as a cautionary note to customers who believe in the healing potential of hemp.

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