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Why is Hempcrete So Important?

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There has been a growing interest in a lesser-known building material lately which is the hempcrete. This material is expected to produce healthy homes all over the United States. Hempcrete is a combination of lime binder and hemp shiv. It’s highly durable and sustainable and is carbon negative as well. The lime binder comes from a quarried material while hemp is a type of renewable biomaterial. Both these materials protect hempcrete’s sustainable future and our planet as well.

Read on to find out more about hempcrete and if there’s any hempcrete disadvantages that you need to know.

How Hempcrete Promotes Healthy Homes

Made from a breathable matter, hempcrete is a material that absorbs moisture from the air once the humidity is high and releases it again once the level of humidity drops. This is to ensure that the water vapor can pass inside and outside of the wall instead of getting trapped and leading to damp problems. Thus, when you compare hempcrete vs concrete, the former is definitely a much better choice.

There’s usually excess moisture at home when cooking or during the night coming from the occupants’ breathing. Hempcrete works by absorbing the moisture and releases it at a later time, which discourages damp. This process also helps prevent fungi and mold spores from developing, which are potentially damaging to human health.

Regulating humidity at home has been proven to be effective at inhibiting the spread of bacterial and viral infections. It also helps prevent respiratory conditions, allergic reactions, and other illnesses. This ability of hempcrete homes to regulate the environment’s air quality minimizes the need to install ventilation systems and powered air filters, which allow for a truly healthier environment inside the home.

Hempcrete and Pest Control

Hemp, as a material, is naturally pest-resistant and fire-retardant. As a result, there’s no longer a need to add dangerous chemicals to the material, such as formaldehyde and VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. Both these materials are said to cause allergies and asthma. Without these materials, home occupants will definitely stay healthy.

Hempcrete can be used in building healthy homes or adding a new room to an existing home. Perhaps, a room intended for the sick and the elderly where they can have a healthy environment.

Will the Benefits Wear Out?

Hempcrete is a truly remarkable material that has negative emissions of carbon. Therefore, it’s capable of absorbing more carbon dioxide than producing when building it.

Since the hempcrete consumes more carbon dioxide than it has left the atmosphere, the surroundings will be more breathable. Therefore, your home will continue to be rainproof, yet, it will also remain permeable to the environment’s moisture and gas.

Houses that were built using hempcrete could remain healthy forever. With the growing interest in green building, more and more people are now recognizing the importance of having healthy homes that are built from sustainable building materials, such as the hempcrete. With this, it’s highly expected that the demand for hempcrete will significantly increase soon and the hempcrete house costs will possibly increase as well!

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