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Why is Hemp Considered the Green Buffalo of Plants?

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History tells us just how important the buffalo is to American culture. A lot of the native tribes would find use for the buffalo, all parts of the buffalo, to be precise. From making soap to knives, producing cooking oil and consumption, the buffalo was a mainstay in Native American culture. The fact that hemp is considered the green buffalo says so much about this plant.

One of the reasons why hemp gets accolades as the green buffalo is because of its utility value. Hemp is a commercial plant that’s useful in its entirety. It’s an ideal option for commercial purposes, given that all its parts can be used. Just like the buffalo, hemp has come a long way, and before the introduction of synthetic fibers, hemp was one plant that served many roles, and it still does to date. It offers a renewable, sustainable source of material for normal products that we use on a day-to-day basis.

Utility Value in Hemp

Most farmers who grow hemp do so for the fiber and seeds. These two parts of the hemp plant are useful for different reasons after they are harvested. In terms of nutritional value, hemp offers important nutrients that the body needs, keeping you healthy and supporting your optimal health.

On the commercial front, hemp fibers hold more value than most of the natural fibers that are available in the market at the moment. The natural fiber is stronger, longer than the competitors, and coupled with the antibacterial features, it’s one of the best plant variants available.

The inner core of the hemp stalk is another useful item that can be used in making beddings, producing animal food, or can also be converted into biofuel. There are many farms that currently use hemp products to fuel their operations, and this is one of the cheapest and cleanest forms of energy available. In a world that cares deeply about environmental conservation and preservation, the alternatives that are offered through hemp are worth appreciating.

What happens once the plant has been harvested? The chaff, leaves and roots remain in the hemp fields after harvesting. They are left to decompose naturally, adding fodder to the ground, and making it healthy for the next planting season. Clearly, no part of the hemp plant gets wasted. This is one of the best all-around crops.

Standout Crop

Hemp is one crop that stands out from the rest. It can survive without an insane demand for water as is the case with most of the cash crops. Hemp doesn’t use as much herbicides and pesticides, which is a good thing because the soil upon which it grows won’t suffer from the chemicals used in these products as compared to other crops. For many farmers in the US, hemp is an ideal crop for rotation. Hemp is also one of the best products given that all products that are derived from it are biodegradable.

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