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Why Hemp Protein is Great When You’re on the Keto Diet

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If you’re following the ketogenic lifestyle but you haven’y tried your hands on the hemp for keto just yet, then you’re definitely missing something out. As you may already know, keto is a type of diet that focuses on omitting carbohydrates and instead, increasing the consumption of fats such as nuts and oils. So for those who are asking, is hemp seed oil good for keto diet?

Yes, definitely! Hemp is a great way to support this type of low-carb diet.

Hemp is the New Favorite Superfood

Hemp’s unique nutritional profile is a great option to take advantage when it comes to your low-carb ketogenic diet. These seeds also come with similar advantages to that of the hemp oil since the oil is obtained by pressing the seeds.

Both the hemp seeds and oil contain Gamma Linolenic Acid or GLA that help produce prostaglandins. These are chemicals that soothe the muscles, control inflammation and regulate body temperature. In fact, foods that have GLA are said to benefit people suffering from obesity, heart diseases, low blood pressure, and more.

Since the ketogenic diet is a type of diet that requires eating low-carb foods, eating foods obtained from grain is definitely not good. This also means no pasta or bread, which can be a problem to many since most meals often have grains as filler. When it comes to this problem, the hemp seeds are the best solution. Aside from adding broccoli and cauliflower to your diet, you can also benefit from using hemp for Keto since the hemp seeds are highly satiating, thanks to their high fiber content.

Hemp is Great for Heart Health

Hemp is also known for its ability to improve heart health. To have a healthy heart, you need to eat foods that are low in sugar, including those that are made of plant-based proteins as well as good and healthy fats. Hemp actually contains all of these things. Regular consumption of hemp, along with eating nutrient-dense whole foods, will surely keep your heart healthy and happy.

Good Nutritional Profile

The best thing about hemp is that it has a good nutritional profile. In fact, an ounce of the hemp seeds has 2 g of fiber, 9 g of protein, and 12 g of fats. It also has 22 amino acids and all of the 9 important amino acids that the body cannot produce.

Hemp is a superfood. Aside from having a high amount of natural fats and proteins, it’s also low in carbohydrates and calories. It can easily help you feel fuller and it tastes delicious too, not to mention the fact that it’s sourced from totally natural sources.

To get started with incorporating hemp into your keto diet, check out some keto hemp recipes that you can easily prepare at home. Hemp is not only a superfood. It can also be a fantastic ingredient that you can add to various low carb keto recipes. The nutty and chewy nature of the seed provides a great taste and texture to your keto dishes. Aside from the hemp seeds keto, the seeds are sometimes used as cheese and milk substitute.

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