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Why Hemp Could Be a Sustainable Solution

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In order for humans to be able to live sustainably, the Earth’s resources should be used at a rate in which they can be replenished. But nowadays, humans are living in an unsustainable way and there’s now a need to return the human use of natural resources within its sustainable limits.

Hemp offers several different uses that can help promote a more sustainable practice of using the Earth’s resources. For instance, it can replace products that are made of timber. With this, we can somehow help save our forests.

Restoring the Health of the Farmland

The best thing about hemp is that most of its applications are totally sustainable and eco-friendly. By growing cannabis, farmers are able to restore the overall health of their farmland since it eliminates the need to use pesticides or herbicides. Hemp tends to grow very densely and its roots are deep, which makes it possible to kill weeds naturally.

Growing hemp can provide for a great alternative solution to many of our Earth-killing practices. Hemp has a growing cycle of only 4 to 6 months. Thus, it’s a more sustainable option for producing paper compared to trees. In fact, anything that you can produce from fossil fuel, you will be able to produce from hemp. This includes plastic, energy, and other petroleum-based products.

Hemp and Global Warming

Global warming is definitely not a myth. It’s real and it causes a lot of destruction on our planet that affects millions of people around the world. Our dependence on fossil fuels and petroleum products is the main trigger of global warming. If we’ll not do anything now, we could all suffer from the effects of global warming sooner or later.

It’s possible to produce energy using cannabis hemp instead of relying on fossil fuels. The plant’s unique growing properties make it an ideal crop for producing energy. In fact, one-acre worth of hemp is capable of producing up to a thousand gallons of methanol in just one growing season.

Hemp is also capable of producing a clean and energy efficient form of gasoline, not to mention the fact that it costs less for the consumers. It can be made into ethanol, and according to Henry Ford, all cars will eventually run entirely on ethanol.

Do Your Part

If you want to learn more about the many benefits and uses of hemp in preventing global warming and helping build a more sustainable environment, get involved with the various hemp events that are going on in your city. This is a great way to mingle with fellow hemp enthusiasts and discuss how you can help spread awareness over hemp usage for sustainability.

Another way you can show your support is to write to your local legislators and encourage them to legalize the farming and growing of hemp in your local farmland. By doing this, you’re making a significant contribution to saving millions of people from the harsh effects of global warming.

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