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What You Should Know About Hemp Milk

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We all know that milk is good for our body. In fact, we have been aware of this since we were kids. But there’s a variety of milk that’s slowly gaining popularity in the market recently and that’s the hemp milk, which is said to be a great alternative to cow’s milk. This milk is made from whole hemp seeds, which contain lots of essential nutrients. In fact, drinking the milk regularly will not only benefit the health of our skin but protect us from various illnesses as well.

Read on to find out more about this groundbreaking milk that might soon be flooding your local supermarkets.

It Will Not Make You High

Hemp is derived from cannabis so it’s not surprising why people would think that the hemp milk would make you high. However, when you eat hemp, you’re not actually ingesting the “psychoactive” component of the plant known as the THC. Producers of hemp milk use hemp that contains less than 0.3% of THC, which means that you will not get high if you consume the milk. To produce the milk, hemp seeds are combined with water and the mixture is then filtered. Again, you will not get stoned by drinking the milk infused with hemp!

It Tastes Good

The hemp milk might be a new concept to everyone but it doesn’t have any foreign taste that could put you off. In fact, it tastes good. It has a nutty, earthy flavor with a creamy consistency and is thicker than the skim milk and other types of milk. Just to give you an idea, the hemp milk has a slightly similar flavor to the almond milk. So if you love the taste of almond milk, then there’s no reason why you will not love the hemp milk! The milk can be used as a great alternative to cow’s milk and can be a great ingredient for smoothies, cereals, and can be mixed with any beverage, including coffee.

It’s Good for the Body

The milk is made from hemp seeds, which is a good source of plant-based proteins, Omega 3 fatty acids, and other nutrients. According to research, eating a good amount of Omega 3 fatty acids every day can help maintain a healthy level of blood pressure and cholesterol. Although unlike the Omega 3 from fish, the body cannot use the Omega 3 in hemp right away, studies show that this can still provide the body with lots of health benefits.

For people who are lactose intolerance and those who are allergic to milk, hemp milk can be a good alternative for you. Just make sure you choose a brand that’s fortified with vitamin D and calcium. One cup of hemp milk is said to contain up to 2 grams of protein although it’s not recommended to depend on it entirely for a major source of protein in your diet.

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s best to choose the unsweetened varieties. Flavored hemp milk often has lots of sugar added in it so be sure to check the label before you decide to make a purchase.

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