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What You Need to Know About the Side Effects of CBD Oil

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With all the positive things that are written about the CBD, it’s easy to find information online regarding the substance’ many benefits. But does it also come with its downsides? Are there any side effects to taking CBD?

It’s important to note that even the psychoactive cannabis, the one that they call the marijuana, is considered safe to use, contrary to what the government would want us to believe. Thus, there’s every reason to believe that the CBD extracts obtained from hemp are totally safe, even safer than the psychoactive component of the cannabis.

The War on Drugs Hurts the Research on Cannabis and Hemp

Because of the stigma that’s associated with the war on drugs, free and open research in both the hemp and psychoactive cannabis is just on its beginning stage in various aspects. For instance, the first study done in 2017 on the benefits of cannabis among veterans who suffer from the untreatable post-traumatic disorder has struggled to be completed because of red tape, and researchers have put their careers at risk just to promote the need for this important study.

On the hemp side aspect, the 2014 Farm Bill that has legalized the production and sales of agricultural hemp, along with its derivatives such as the CBD oil, should help pave the way for research on the benefits of hemp in all forms.

CBD Oil Studies Have Found Only a Few CBD Side Effects

Although the medical research is still in the preliminary stage, scientists have put in considerable amount of effort to prove that CBD is, indeed, safe for consumption. A study done in 1986 looked into the effects of CBD among five patients who had dystonic movement disorders. The side effects of CBD oil on such treatments were mild, which included dry mouth, hypotension, psychomotor slowing, sedation, and lightheadedness.

Furthermore, the study showed that CBD seems to help people who have suffered from dystonia, although it might have made the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease to become a bit worse. Yet, there are recent researches that show that CBD is beneficial in treating those that are suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

When Taking CBD, Purity and Source Matters

The industry of CBD oil is still in its infancy and it can be a challenge for consumers to educate themselves regarding its benefits except by doing trial and error. A group of CBD advocates has conducted an investigation into the purity and safety of CBD oil and unfortunately, they have uncovered a host of potential problems.

Aside from being a poorly regulated market, most of the CBD oil products were imported from other countries. Because hemp has the tendency to absorb chemicals from the ground, which include mercury and lead, the growing condition of the plant can surely make a difference. Not only that but the labeling of the CBD products is sometimes unclear and inconsistent, which makes it even more confusing for consumers.

As always, people should closely research the CBD products that they intend to buy. Consult with a medical expert if you’re considering the use of CBD oil for treatment.

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