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What You May Not Know About Industrial Hemp

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What is hemp? This is a question that some people might be grappling with. Hemp is simply a cannabis plant. It can be grown for many reasons. The growth of hemp in the US has been one full of controversy in the past, especially in terms of the legal status. However, in light of recent changes in the legal status of hemp, there are several hemp uses that you should know about.

Here are 9 hemp plant facts you probably didn’t know about:

Can Help Fight World Hunger

Yes, you heard that right. Hemp seeds can be used in the fight against world hunger, and make major milestones, if not win the war. This is because, in these seeds alone, you have the average daily protein requirement for a human. Hemp seeds are high in calories and protein and can be used as staple food in countries that are struggling with hunger.

Can Clean the Environment

Here is one of the cool hemp facts – growing hemp can help clean the environment. This is possible through bioremediation. Global warming causes an insane level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Hemp, on the other hand, consumes up to four times the amount of carbon dioxide that plants do, making it one of the crops that can be useful in fighting global warming.

Hemp is Not Marijuana

This can be confusing. For a lot of people, hemp and marijuana are one and the same thing. However, this is not true. Both plants are strains of Cannabis Sativa, however, agricultural hemp has trace elements of THC, the component in marijuana that makes you high.

Hemp Products Are Durable

Products derived from hemp are so durable that they can surprisingly be used in many industries. In the 1800s, hemp was used in the production of textiles and fabric. In fact, it’s even reported that Henry Ford once built a car from plastics, soybean, and hemp.

Fights Deforestation

Other than the obvious hemp health facts, this plant can be used for many other things, including the production of paper. If we can produce paper from hemp, we wouldn’t need to cut down as many trees as we do, hence slowing down the rate of deforestation.

Has Helped Defeat the Axis Powers during World War II

In the 1950s, Japan had stopped supplying the US with hemp during the war. The US Department of Agriculture had to encourage people to plant hemp, the crop that would make many products needed by the military, from ropes to ship sails.

Hemp Seeds Have a Lot of Nutritional Value

There’s more nutritional value in hemp seeds than chia or flax. Hemp seeds contain higher levels of vitamins A, B, D and E and a lot of other important proteins, minerals, and fatty acids. Hemp is also an antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, making it one of the superfoods.

Could Replace Plastic and Fiberglass

The hemp stalks can be used in the production of materials used in composite panels for the production of doors, car parts, floors, window frames etc. In thermoplastics, hemp acts as a very good reinforcement material and can be customized for different specifications and systems.

Heals the Planet

There’s an endless list of health benefits you can enjoy from using hemp. When produced in large-scale, hemp can support the economy of a developing nation, especially when used as an export crop. The hemp industry can also create jobs, reduce unemployment and crime rates.

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