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What to Know About Hemp and Pea Protein Ingredients Recently Released in the Market

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Axiom Foods has recently launched the hemp and pea protein ingredients known as Cannatein and Vegotein N. These ingredients are what food formulators have been looking for because they need something that can mask the musky flavor of hemp on their products. The products, which have a neutral taste, will eliminate the need to use flavor-masking agents on hemp-derived products.

What is Cannatein?

Cannatein is made of 58% protein and can be used in various food products, such as crunchy snacks, cereals, bars, beverages, baked foods, yogurt, and more. Axiom is also looking into developing a variety of Cannatein that contains 80% protein. Cannatein, which is fractioned from hemp seeds, is light in color and has a two-year shelf life. It’s dispersible, digestible, and suspendable, while also containing a good amount of nutrients. The company is aiming to acquire the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status for the product.

Cannatein is also rich in Vitamin B, Omegas, and six other vitamins and minerals. Of course, it’s free from THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis and has Halal and Kosher applications. The fiber and protein properties of Cannatein have made it particularly suitable for high satiety products.

What is Vegotein N?

Vegotein N contains 80% protein and just like Cannatein, it can be used in various applications, such as extensions for patties, meatballs, hot dogs, and more. This product is made from yellow peas from North America. It contains arginine, lysine, and iron. The ingredient can be mixed with rice protein to achieve a more complete protein ingredient. It has high viscosity and has good water holding capacity. According to a letter, the US Food and Drug Administration has no doubts regarding the GRAS status of the Vegotein N, a pea protein concentrate.

The flavorless quality of Vegotein allows food formulators to focus on the highly functional properties of their food products without the need to add several ingredients to mask the flavor. It also eliminates the need for conditioners, sweeteners, and other food additives.

Great Innovation

The virtually flavorless products are considered great innovation, which the company’s food scientist Rick Ray, has formulated. Ray, who’s also a flavor specialist, is a highly reputable food chemist and has been in the flavor industry since the 80s. He has provided food technology forecasts to some of the biggest companies in the world, including General Mills and Coca Cola.

About Axiom Foods

Axiom Foods is one of the leading companies in the food industry. They are known for their use of cutting-edge technology in producing some of the best ingredients and food products in the industry. Axiom has been involved in various clinical trials and studies concerning the various changes in the global food supply. The company provides compassion to the food business by proving that animals are not a necessity when it comes to consuming proteins for building muscles. They’re a strong believer that rice and peas are now the new meat.

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