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What to Keep in Mind When Buying Hemp Seeds

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Those who have experienced the many benefits of hemp seeds consider it a superfood. These seeds have a good nutritional profile and offer a wide range of health benefits. Although the seeds were obtained from the Cannabis plant, they will not produce a mind-altering effect since they don’t have the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Aside from the nutritional benefits, several studies also suggest that the seeds offer a wide range of health benefits. They are capable of protecting the brain, boosting heart health, reducing inflammation, and relieving rheumatoid arthritis.

When buying hemp seeds, the number of options available might be overwhelming for you.

So to help you out, here are some of the things you should consider.

Type of Hemp Seeds to Buy

When looking for hemp seeds, you’ll encounter these two types of hemp seeds:

  • Hulled Hemp – Also known as the hemp hearts, it’s an entire hemp seed but without the crunchy outer shell. Without the shell, the hemp hearts will be more nutritious because the percentage of protein and essential fatty acids will be increased.
  • Toasted Hemp – These are whole hemp seeds but roasted in high temperature for a varying amount of time. This will result in a snack that resembles the popcorn, making them easier to snack on.

Aside from the hulled and toasted seeds, some companies are now producing hemp seeds in spreads or bars. You should choose the type of hemp seeds depending on how you want to consume them.

Where the Seeds Come From

The origin of the seeds is also another important factor to consider when buying. Those that come from Canada are known to have the best quality. This could be due to the taste of the hemp strains that Canadian farmers often use as well as the strict regulations that the Canadian government has enforced when it comes to the production of hemp. As per the government law, the farmers can only use the varieties of hemp seeds that were listed under the country’s list of Approved Cultivars.

You might also encounter hemp seeds that come from China. These varieties are not really regulated strictly unlike those that come from Canada. Since you cannot taste the product until you have bought a packet, it’s important to check the product labels very carefully to ensure that it’s certified.

Where to Buy Hemp Seeds

It’s pretty easy to purchase hemp seeds online nowadays. You’ll find them in Amazon and by merely doing a search in Google. Whether you’re buying toasted or raw hemp seeds, it’s important that you take the time to research and read the labels very carefully. Reading reviews from customers who have tried them is a great way to verify the product’s quality. On average, those that have earned a rating of 4.6 in Amazon are the best products to buy.

Hopefully, the tips above can help you buy the best hemp seeds in the market. The key is to do your own research.

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