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What is the Status of CBD in Spain?

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With reports about a CBD ban in the EU, CBD’s legal status in Spain has become some sort of chaos. Police are said to be pulling out CBD products from the shelves of some shops in Valencia and exhibitors for the upcoming Spannabis Barcelona 2019 have only been limited to companies that sell creams.

Let’s find out what exactly is the legal status of CBD in Spain.

Is CBD Legal in Spain?

The cannabis market in Spain is a diverse mix of foreign and Spanish owned companies selling all kinds of products, from CBD oils, tinctures, creams, lotions etc. All the companies involved in the production of these products, from seed banks, growers, manufacturers, distributors, and vendors, are operating in a grey area. This allows them to sell their products for as long as they adhere to certain rules.

First of all, they are not allowed to sell products with THC of more than 0.2%, which is also in accordance with the International law. Furthermore, the seeds for all hemp products, whether for commercial or industrial production, must only be sourced from the approved providers.

CBD Oil in Europe

Around the summer of 2018, the EU informed the industry through its Novel Food Act that the CBD oil was no longer considered legal as a food supplement in the European market. Organizers of Spannabis in September sent an email to announce that the CBD oil for human consumption has been banned from the event and will only allow skin care products, which is in accordance to the guidelines set by the EU.

Spain has one of the strongest CBD markets in Europe. But as of now, self-regulation is what’s guiding the industry. Everyone continues to sell despite the given risks since the demand is significantly high. Consumers are in dire need of the product but EU regulations haven’t been able to catch up.

Although Spain seems to be eager to follow the legalization model of Canada, the country’s prime minister has made it clear that he has several other bigger problems to deal with for now. In addition, the country’s minister for health has announced in November that there has been no clear scientific evidence that could back the therapeutic use of cannabis as of yet.

So although cannabis is fast growing in the wellness niche and some other progressive niche, it still remains the domain of an underground culture that consists of stoners and growers in Spain. But the CBD status in Spain might be changing now.

In Spain, users of cannabis can get access to THC through nightclubs and bars. It is through this that cannabis advocates can educate the people about its medical benefits. They believe that it is all a matter of education. While novice users would prefer CBD stains, seasoned users would prefer having other options.

Some advocates have also noticed that CBD consumers are usually older and are not like any typical cannabis user. This is why education is extremely important. Proper product labeling is the key to the overall success of CBD in Spain in the coming years.

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