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What is the Hemptourage Effect?

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The entourage effect is something that has been mentioned in many cases about cannabis sativa. However, a lot of people are unaware that the same applies to hemp. Most people who use hemp barely understand the composition of the products that they use, and it’s this misinformation that leads a lot of people into making uninformed purchases.

There’s a good reason why consumers are often encouraged to read more about the CBD products that they use. If you plan on purchasing a hemp product, make sure you get the whole plant. You stand to gain a lot in doing so. Whole plant extracts also mean that you will be using the purest form of hemp available.

Why is the Whole Plant Medicine the Best Alternative?

The use of the word whole plant means that you’re getting the full spectrum of all the beneficial compounds that the plant contains. All the therapeutic agents that you can get from cannabis are processed from the plant in such a way that they produce quality compounds, that are used in treating many conditions and symptoms.

The entourage effect, also known as the hemptourage effect, is all about whole plant use. It’s all about the benefits that you derive from cannabis. It loosely translates to the benefits that you get from all the biochemical components of cannabis working in tandem with one another. There are some compounds that you can only obtain when you get the whole plant.

Diverse Compounds Present in Agricultural Hemp

There are many compounds that are available in hemp, compounds that provide insane value to the user. There are hundreds of compounds that are present in hemp, and the mature hemp plant includes things like terpenes, essential monosaturated fatty acids, essential polysaturated fatty acids, chlorophyll, vitamin E and plant sterols.

The following are some of the compounds that have been adversely studied:

  • Chlorophyll – This is one of the essential compounds that are present in hemp. The role of chlorophyll in CBD is to offer protection for the cell structure by binding pathogenic and toxic substances, in light of its heme ring features.
  • Vitamin E – Vitamin E offers protection to the DNA structure, the cell membrane among other structures, particularly from oxidative stress. It’s only present alongside other isomers in CBD oil, and together they support and optimize your health, boosting the integrity of your body at a cellular level.

There are essential fatty acids present in hemp, which come highly recommended for a healthy life. These fatty acids have, for many years, been recommended in natural products. They help keep your heart healthy and boost hormonal, visual, joint, muscular, and skin health, among other benefits.

Experts think that there’s still so much research needed to fully understand the hemptourage effect, just as is the case with the entourage effect associated with cannabis sativa strains that are high in THC. With deeper knowledge into hemp, it will be easier to advance the cause for its benefits, and inclusion into mainstream avenues.

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