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What is Hemp Used For? 5 Top Uses

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Unknown to many, hemp is actually one of the world’s most useful plants. For several thousands of years, humans have been using hemp in producing food, paper, textile, fabric, fuel, and several other products. Thanks to modern technologies, it has now become so much easier for various companies to use hemp in producing different kinds of products. If you’re wondering what is hemp used for, then here’s everything that you need to know.

  1. Beauty and Skin Care

Since hemp is rich in natural emollient properties and beneficial oil, it’s now being made into body care products, such as lotions and moisturizers. It’s also used in producing different kinds of hair and skin care products, as well as cosmetics. What’s great about hemp is that it doesn’t have any toxic chemicals, unlike the other ingredients that are being used for lotions and cosmetics.

  1. Fabric, Textile and Rope

Hemp is also being used to make different kinds of textiles and fabrics. It has a somewhat similar texture to cotton but it’s definitely more durable. Because of this, hemp is also being used to make clothing, rugs, and other textiles. As a matter of fact, the term canvas is derived from the Latin word of hemp. Hemp is a popular product used for rope due to its strength, flexibility, and the ability to resist water damage. If you’re wondering what was hemp used for during the early times, it was used mainly in the shipping trade and for fishing by making it into ropes and nets. In fact, the Navy considers hemp an extremely important material.

  1. Food and Nutrition

Hemp oil and hemp seeds are both delicious and nutritious. They are a great source of minerals, proteins, and dietary fiber. In fact, hemp is said to be the only plant that contains all of the essential fatty acids and amino acids that our body needs. These essential nutrients affect the various functions of the body, including mood, behavior, skin, heart, metabolism, brain etc. Because of the many nutrients found in hemp, it’s now becoming an in-demand food product. More and more people are discovering its nutritional benefits and have been using it as an ingredient to their favorite recipes.

  1. Fuel

For several centuries now, hemp oil was used as fuel for lamps. However, it was phased out when petroleum was introduced into the market. These days, hemp oil is being made into biofuels and serves as a replacement of gasoline to power diesel engines. Unlike fossil fuels, hemp is a biofuel that’s renewable and produces less carbon monoxide, making it more environment-friendly.

  1. Plastic Alternatives

Perhaps one of the most significant answers to what is hemp used for is plastic. There are now a number of products that were made from hemp, which is a much safer and better alternative than plastic. The standard plastic is made of fossil fuels that use toxic chemicals and are harmful to the environment. Hemp plastics are more sustainable and can help to decrease the accumulation of plastics in the dumpsite.

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