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What Happens Now That Facebook Banned Hemp Pages?

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Last October, Facebook verified the Carolina Hemp Company page, giving users a proof of credibility while providing the business a higher ranking in search results. However, only a few months later, Facebook took the page down claiming that the company is selling prescription pharmaceuticals and is encouraging the use of drugs.

Even though CBD supplements are considered legal and the 2018 Farm Bill’s approval means the CBD is now removed from the list of federally controlled substances, Facebook mistreats companies and representatives of this emerging market.

Hemp Pages Are Not Allowed

Facebook is known to shut down a number of pages dedicated to selling and distributing hemp. And after the page of the Carolina Hemp Company was banned, they appealed to the social media platform, but their appeal was rejected with reasoning that it still violates Facebook’s page policies. As a result, the company is thinking of organizing a caravan of hemp companies to march outside Facebook headquarters.

The 2018 Farm Bill that president Trump has already signed has legalized the CBD and industrial hemp starting from December 20, 2018, which means that there’s no reason why Facebook should be banning these pages.

Fighting Back after the Shut Down

The Carolina Hemp Company has vowed to fight back in the hopes of using social media to bring their knowledge and product information to the public. According to the company, their goal is to educate the people about how these hemp products can help improve their lives. They aim to provide access to safe and lab-tested hemp products while offering a wide variety of carefully made hemp goods that include food and clothing. Contrary to what Facebook claims, they never made any medical statements or claims on their Facebook page. The owners vow to keep on fighting after the shutdown.

The Shut Down Happened During the Holidays

The shutdown of pages, which took place in December, has affected dozens of pages dedicated to CBD companies, both in the United States and the UK. It took place just before the holiday. Although most CBD companies have their own website where they sell their products online, social media plays an important role in their online marketing strategies. Facebook’s decision to shut down the pages during the holiday could significantly affect the companies’ revenue.

Shut Down May Be Due to FDA Memo

One of the speculations surrounding Facebook’s decision to shut down pages may have something to do with the memo released by the FDA. During the first few days after the Farm Bill was approved, the number of CBD searchers in Facebook skyrocketed. During this time, the US Food and Drug Administration released a memo stating that the CBD is not legal to use in food products. Thus, hemp advocates have speculated that Facebook’s decision to ban the pages may be due to the statement released by the FDA. Yet, this is just speculation only as Facebook has already had a history of cracking down on CBD products even before the Farm Bill was approved.

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