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What Are Wild Hemp Cigarettes?

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Now that the CBD market is continuing to expand, more and more companies are coming out with their own version of CBD product. Among these products are the wild hemp cigarettes. Made from weed, these pre-rolled cigarettes are already being marketed at certain regions in the country where weed has already been legalized.

The pre-rolled cigarettes are packed in a green and silver box with an imprint of glittery cannabis leaves on the front. In it are the words “0% THC.” So does this mean these cigarettes don’t have any THC in them? Read on to find out.

Makers of Wild Hemp

When a new product comes out in the market, one of the things that people are interested in knowing is the background of the company that produces it. As for the Wild Hemp Cigarettes, a Utah-based company is behind it. As stated on their website, they are dedicated to providing high-quality cigarettes made from hemp to their consumers. Aside from cigarettes, they also sell other CBD products such as vape and tinctures.

Their website further states that the cigarettes are made from broad-spectrum hemp oil that’s cultivated and extracted from the Colorado mountains. They also stated that the broad-spectrum oil that they use for their products is in compliance with the Farm Bill and regulated by the Department of Agriculture of Colorado.


As stated, the box of the cigarettes has the words stated “0% THC”. Indeed, no THC was used for these cigarettes. Instead, they used CBD, which is another component of weed. The Wild Hemp Cigarettes contains 10mg of CBD, and since it doesn’t have any tobacco in it, the product has no nicotine. This means that it’s way safer than the usual cigarettes you know.

According to the manufacturer, they only use organic hemp flowers in producing these cigarettes. The hemp flowers have CBD and several different terpenes. However, the manufacturer admitted that there might be some THC on the cigarettes but only 0.3%, which doesn’t have any effects at all. In case you didn’t know, it is the THC that’s responsible for the feeling of high that people using cannabis feel. Therefore, these cigarettes will not trigger any euphoric effects.

Health Benefits of CBD

The main component of the wild hemp cigarettes is the CBD, which is derived from cannabis. What’s great about the CBD is that it comes with several health benefits. Aside from being a powerful painkiller, it’s also an anti-inflammatory, stress reliever, and has anti-cancer effects. There have been numerous studies done on the CBD that can prove the claim that it did come with several health benefits.

It’s also worth noting that Wild Hemp uses broad-spectrum CBD oil in producing the cigarettes. These contain fatty acids and flavonoids that have various therapeutic values. And since the CBD contains a very small amount of the THC, the cigarettes will not trigger any psychoactive stimulation. These cigarettes are safer than the usual cigarettes in the market and are way healthier as well, thanks to the CBD component.

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