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What Are Tiny Hemp Houses

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Not many people are aware but hemp can be used as building material for flooring, roofing, wallboard, fiberboard, cement, plywood, insulation panels etc. Using hemp in building houses is highly sustainable compared to using synthetic building materials that are hazardous to the environment.

This is why John Petterson, the educational director of Hemp Solutions came up with the idea of Tiny Hemp Houses in order to raise awareness in building greenhouses using hemp materials.

Changing the Way We Build Houses

Instead of using synthetic paint, dry walls, and other hazardous materials, a mixture of hemp materials known as hempcrete was used. This building material is totally sustainable and completely natural. In order to raise awareness on using hemp for industrial and construction applications, Patterson and his team have been offering classes on hemp building and other educational opportunities dedicated to making the general public aware of the benefits and uses of hempcrete. He encourages everyone to learn more about using hemp in building houses and its impact in the community.

Using Hempcrete

From the name itself, hempcrete is just like a concrete but made of hemp. It’s basically made from the inner part of a hemp plant known as the hurd, which is lime-based. Hempcrete is used in building thermal walls and is a sustainable alternative to dry walls. It’s also made into house wraps, exterior boarding, insulation, and paint.

When you use it to build a house, you’re still going to use the real concrete in laying the foundation and establishing the framework. However, with the use of hemp-lime binding, the frame will be wrapped with the hempcrete, creating a wall that replaces the usual synthetic materials used for building houses.

The best thing about hempcrete is that you can use it in the wall, floors, and even in the ceiling of your house. It works just as great as the thermal insulator allowing you to live in a healthier home.

Benefits of Using Hemp-Based Materials

Buildings made from hemp-based materials including hempcrete are able to withstand the test of time because the materials are highly durable. In fact, they are said to be tougher than steel.

Some houses and buildings that were built using hemp are self-insulating and come with sound and thermal insulation. The materials are also resistant to rodents, insects, and rot. They are not just durable, but waterproof, fireproof, infrangible, and weather resistant as well. Houses that were made from hemp materials are also said to be energy efficient because they use less energy. Furthermore, they also create less waste and use less fuel compared to the conventional construction materials.

With the many benefits that come with using hemp for building materials, more and more investors are showing interest in hemp. A lot of manufacturers are also becoming more and more aware of hemp-based construction materials and are now looking for ways on how they can make money out of it.

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