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What Are the Top Industrial Hemp Uses in 2019?

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Industrial hemp is known for its vast uses. It’s used in making paper, textiles, health food, fuel, biodegradable plastics, and construction materials. This plant is among the fastest-growing biomasses in the world and is among the earliest domesticated plants ever known to men.

Let’s take a look at more about the industrial hemp uses to understand how we can benefit from this substance.

  1. Paper

Hemp is an eco-friendly material that can be made into paper. It’s been said that the paper made of hemp can be recycled for 7-8 times while other papers can only be recycled for up to 3 times! In addition, hemp will only require around 100 days to be produced while other trees could take decades. Of all the industrial hemp uses, it is the paper product that will probably have the most significant impact in your daily life.

  1. Textile, Rope, and Clothing

One of the biggest reasons why hemp was legalized during World War II was because it was very useful in making a wide variety of products. More specifically, hemp can be used in making military uniforms, military bags, and rope. It was during this period that the hemp textile industry thrived significantly.

  1. Plastic

One of the most significant industrial hemp uses is that it can be made into plastics, which is very useful for various applications. It can be used in making plastic spoons, forks, chairs, and pretty much any type of plastic products out there. Unlike regular plastic that can take hundreds of years to degrade, hemp degrades exponentially faster. Thus, it’s more environment-friendly compared to man-made alternatives.

  1. Biofuel

Using hemp-based biofuels is one way for people to get away from fossil fuels. However, further research is needed into hemp biofuel although there are already promising signals in this aspect. There are definitely lots of benefits that we can get from using hemp for biofuel. For instance, hemp can thrive in less favorable conditions, unlike wheat or corn.

  1. Hempcrete

One of the most innovative industrial hemp uses is that it can be used to make concrete, an important material used in construction. Known as hempcrete, this material is much better than the usual concrete material since it has zero carbon emissions during the process of production. Unfortunately, hempcrete cannot thrive well when used in load-bearing walls. It’s because the material will take longer to dry once it’s created.

  1. Insulation

Hemp is used in various construction projects that require insulation. Since many homes and businesses around the world rely on insulation as an important component for construction, hemp can be a great alternative to the usual insulation products that we are used to. What’s great about hemp insulation is that it’s mold-resistant and can result in a healthier living environment.

Given the many industrial hemp uses, it’s not surprising to see that more and more companies are now relying on hemp for a lot of things!

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