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What Are the Differences between CBD and CBN?

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Cannabidiol or CBD is getting a lot of attention lately. But there’s another cannabinoid compound that is less popular than the CBD and that is the CBN or the Cannabinol. A lot of CBD users are often confused between the CBD and CBN. These naturally occurring compounds are both derived from cannabis and have powerful therapeutic benefits. Read on to find out the main differences between these two potent cannabinoids, along with their benefits and uses.

CBD and CBN – What Are They?

CBD is one of the main compounds derived from the cannabis plant, along with marijuana and hemp. It makes up around 1% – 25% of the plant and is considered as the second most dominant cannabinoid after THC.

Although the THC has psychoactive properties, the CBD will not make you high since it contains an extremely small amount of THC. Its popularity is based mainly on its ability to treat a wide range of conditions. Some people rely on the CBD gummies and edibles to treat their anxiety and there are also those that use CBD oil and capsules to treat different ailments in their body, such as insomnia and all kinds of body pains.

Contrary to what many people think, the CBN is totally different from CBD. This compound is produced after exposing the THC to UV light and oxygen. Unlike the CBD, CBD has psychoactive properties but not as much as the THC. Thus, CBN is only slightly psychoactive and may be used safely as a sedative.

Benefits of CBD and CBN

Although the CBN has been in the radar of scientists for a long time, there’s very limited research on its use, unlike the CBD and THC. CBN has been shown to help treat a few medical conditions, although the list of CBD’s healing properties is much more extensive. The CBD has been shown to contain anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and analgesic properties. It’s also been shown to alleviate seizures and promote good sleep.

Both CBD and CBN have powerful pain-relieving properties. Their pain-relieving properties will be even more effective when both are taken together. Furthermore, these cannabinoids help to relieve pressure that’s linked to glaucoma. The CBD and CBN are also considered effective in fighting against antibiotic-resistant MRSA since they both contain antibacterial properties.


As you can see, the CBN is truly promising in terms of treating a wide variety of issues. Although it is not as popular as the CBD, the CBN can be quite powerful in treating pain, addressing sleep troubles, and relieving anxiety. When CBN is taken along with the CBD, their therapeutic benefits will become even more potent. With the attention that’s being given to CBD lately, there’s a good chance that we’ll be seeing more research on the CBN and several other cannabinoids soon!

Who knows, the CBN might actually start to show up in coffee shops and stores soon along with the many CBD products that are now all over the market. This is definitely something worth waiting for!

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