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What Are Hemp Oil Side Effects?

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Because of the many benefits of hemp, more and more companies are now getting into the business of cultivating and selling it. In fact, hemp is now legal in various states in the US. Although hemp comes with a few recreational benefits, the boom of the plant in recent years is due mainly to the many benefits that it can provide in the medical field.

Just like tinctures, ginseng, and turmeric, hemp oil is capable of treating a wide variety of illnesses. If you’re thinking of using hemp oil, it may be worth knowing what the hemp oil side effects are.

Side Effects of Hemp Oil

As mentioned, hemp comes with many health benefits. But does it come with some harmful side effects? Most of the time, hemp derived products will not hurt. Generally, the substance is not habit-forming. If there are any side effects, these are usually minor. As stated by the World Health Organization, hemp seems to have little to no intracranial self-stimulation. What this means is that it will not exhibit any effects that can lead to abuse or addiction.

As of now, there’s no evidence of any public health concerns as a result of using pure hemp oil. This means that there’s not yet any evidence that the hemp oil could become psychologically or physically habit-forming.

Dangerous Hemp Oil Side Effects

However, just like with any substance, there are also dangers to using hemp in excess. Also, the hemp oil side effects will vary from one person to another due to certain factors. It might be safe for others but it can be harmful to you. So, before you decide to use any hemp related products, it is best to consult with a doctor.

There’s a possibility that the hemp oil could lower your blood pressure and may interact with the other medication you are taking. Nevertheless, the side effects are usually minor. It could leave you feeling unwell for a while but this will eventually pass.

Since hemp oil acts as a blood thinner, it can lower one’s blood pressure level. For people who have issues with blood pressure, this can pose real risks. Furthermore, it can also interact with certain medications, which is why you’ll hear stories about harmful hemp oil side effects.

Mild Effects of Hemp Oil

Most of the effects of hemp oil, if there is any, are only moderate. Except if you are suffering from certain conditions and are taking medications, there’s an extremely low risk of suffering from the negative consequences. The most common hemp oil side effects are nausea and dizziness. Some people just do not have the capacity to digest oil well, which could trigger these side effects. Another common side effect that new users could suffer from is drowsiness and light-headedness. This may be a good thing for people who have difficulty sleeping but not if you’re about to drive or do other activities that require focus and concentration.

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