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What Are Hemp Food Wraps and Can They Replace Plastic Wraps?

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In an effort to help save the environment, people have been coming up with sustainable alternatives to replace plastic. For instance, an Australian couple came up with an idea to create hemp food wraps in order to replace the plastic food covering.

When they first started their business, they wanted to be different by offering products that hadn’t been created in the past. That’s when they came up with the idea to produce hemp food wraps.

What Are Hemp Food Wraps?

As the name suggests, the hemp food wraps are meant for wrapping foods in order to keep them fresh. But they are not like your usual food wrap. These products feature retro tie-dyed colors with funky designs that will surely make them stand out. If you are fond of hosting dinner parties for friends and family and you want to keep the food fresh while waiting for your guests to arrive, this product would be the perfect solution.

With the increasing popularity of hemp, you’ll now find different kinds of hemp products in the market, from fabric to paper and building materials. In order to be different and stand out from the rest in the industry, Maxine Woodhouse and her husband decided to come up with a tie-dyed food wrap made from a combination of hemp and beeswax.

Beeswax and Hemp

The locally made food wraps can be bought online. It’s made from the combination of all-natural materials, beeswax, and hemp. These materials are anti-bacterial, water-resistant, anti-fungal, and highly sustainable. The beeswax used is locally sourced and infused with pine tree resin and organic coconut oil provided by the Byron Bay community-based in northern NSW, which is not far from where their hemp farm is located. Some people would think that the beeswax is obtained from bees that were harmed. But they insist that the beekeepers are actually looking after their bees.

Having a background on waste education, the products that the couple produces fit well within their ethos and that of their business. The couple’s decision to make a business out of beeswax and hemp food wrap was mainly because of their desire to help eliminate the use of plastic. They are an ardent believer of zero waste and they believe that it’s extremely important for businesses to do this for the benefit of the society.

Hemp Paper

After the successful launch of hemp beeswax food wraps, the company unveiled its recent business venture, the hemp business cards, and hemp paper.  This is another unique product that the company is producing. So far, there has been no company in Australia that has tried to make business cards made of hemp so they decided to be the first to do it. Aside from making business cards, their hemp paper is also used in making wedding invitations.

The fact that they are using premium paper products for business cards and wedding invitations has made them stand out from their competitors in the industry.

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