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Types of Materials Used to Make Hammocks

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Hammocks are popular outdoor items generally associated with leisure and relaxation. They can be made from an assortment of materials such as canvas, cotton rope, polyester rope, or even parachute material. The choice of material should be based upon where the hammock is to be used (indoors or outdoors), desired durability, and care of fabric.

Canvas is an extremely durable fabric used to make a variety of consumer products including hammocks. The most popular materials used to make canvas are hemp, linen, or cotton. Hemp is a very strong fiber which comes from a cactus plant found in Brazil and Africa. Linen is a fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant stem which is grown in different regions around the world, with Canada being the top producer. It is stronger than cotton, dries more quickly, and is more slowly affected by exposure to sunlight. Cotton fabric is derived from a plant which produces a white fluffy material that surrounds the cotton seeds inside a pod called a boll. Cotton canvas is softer than linen or hemp but is not as durable when exposed to the outdoor elements of water and sunlight.

The rope hammock is another popular style of hammock and is considered the more traditional type of hammock. This brings to mind images of long, lazy, sunny afternoons on the beach or relaxing in the back yard or on the patio. The kinds of materials used for rope hammocks can be cotton, polyester, or hemp, with the selection of the type of material based upon the fact that hemp rope and polyester rope will be more durable to the elements than cotton. Hemp and polyester are best used for extended outdoor use and cotton rope is sometimes preferred for use indoors or on a covered patio or porch.

In recent years, a hammock made from parachute material has become more popular. Parachute material is a synthetic material made from nylon; it is light-weight, strong, and durable and available in a wide selection of colors. All of these characteristics make it very popular among hikers and campers.

Your selection of the type of material you purchase for your hammock should be based upon where the hammock will be used, outdoors or indoors. The amount of exposure to sunshine and rain it will receive, and the desired softness of the material. Keep in mind that cotton is the softest with hemp and canvas not being as flexible.

Which ever type of hammock you choose, canvas hammock, rope hammock, or parachute hammock, you are sure to enjoy many days of relaxing serenity.

Article From: Myrna L Westbrook

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