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Trump Supporters Want to Use Hemp Concrete to Build the Border Wall with Mexico

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It’s estimated that only a million acres of hemp crops are required to build Trump’s border wall and this could cost only $700 million, which is nothing compared to the overall cost of the construction that’s said to range from $15 billion to a whopping $70 billion!

While it might seem like a hemp wall is far from reality, the mere concept reflects a remarkable promise of a crop that was once maligned. Indeed, there’s now an emerging hemp industry in the marketplace. After about 90 years of dormancy, the hemp industry is now awakening and the figures involved in building a hempcrete wall reveal a crop that has a truly phenomenal range of usefulness.

Building the Southern Border Wall

If a wall that’s around 30 inches tall and 2 inches wide will be built out of hempcrete and having a length of 1,954 miles at the southern border, the structure could equate to 619,027,200 cubic feet of area. Every cubic foot would need 17 lb. of hempcrete for construction and this is tantamount to 5,261,731 tons of hempcrete. Indeed, a huge amount of hempcrete will be required in order to build the entire wall structure.

Hempcrete is made from a combination of hemp’s woody core and hydrated lime and hurd. It can simply be poured directly into form to produce tilt panels that will then be delivered to the site in order to be installed in place. It’s pretty much the same as using regular concrete panels.

Using Hempcrete for Construction

Typically, hempcrete is made of 45% hemp hurd. It has a yield rate of 4 tons for every acre. Therefore, approximately 2,367,779 total tons will be needed, which requires 986,575 acres of the crop. Costing 15 cents per pound, the entire cost of building the wall will only be equivalent to $700 million.

According to Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, it will cost around $15 billion to $70 billion to build the wall. Thus, using hemp in building the wall could lower the costs even more. Hempcrete is often less finicky compared to hemp fiber, and thus, there’s a good chance that this can be done.

Would a Hemp Wall Be Really Possible?

Hemp looks just like adobe, which features a light color of limestone. When lime and hemp are combined, the resulting combination is stone and will eventually petrify.

Using hempcrete to build the wall is feasible in terms of botany, processing, and technology. However, this is less of a proposal but more about teaching people about hempcrete since the majority of the public is still not aware of the huge benefits of hemp, especially for the economy.

A lot of farmers are showing interest in hemp, yet it’s still restricted by politics. Aside from food, clothing, and construction, hemp can also be used for medicines and petroleum products. However, a lot of people are still at a loss about hemp and the many products that it’s capable of producing, and the biggest hurdle is actually politics.

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