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Top 6 Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

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Hemp has been around for hundreds of years and there are evidences which show that the plant was indeed being cultivated very early. In ancient China, hemp was used as food while the stalks were made into building materials. Thanks to technological advances, scientists have uncovered several other benefits that come with using hemp and in this article we will show you some of them.

  1. Reduces Inflammation

The hemp seed is rich in omega 3 and fatty acids GLA, which are effective in reducing inflammation. Furthermore, the plant has also been shown to boost the immune system and a study in 2016 revealed that the plant could help treat the side effects of cancer treatments.

The cannabinoids found in hemp are partly responsible for its many healing benefits. The CBD can be ingested in various ways in order to take advantage of its medical benefits. It can be smoked, vaped, and added to edibles.

  1. Helps Balance the Hormones

The GLA or gamma-linoleic acid is an important building block of the prostaglandins. These are hormone-like compounds that can help the body function more effectively. The seeds of hemp are known to contain GLA and this is said to be effective in balancing the level of hormones and relieving women of the symptoms of PMS and menopause.

  1. It’s Filled with Essential Fatty Acids

The hemp seeds are highly nutritious, thanks to the high level of essential fatty acids that are found in it. These fatty acids can help build a healthy immune system. Furthermore, our bodies are capable of producing the same endocannabinoids that are naturally obtained in THC. However, they are derived from the same fatty acids that the hemp oil provides. Taking hemp oil supplements is a great way to boost the fatty acids in your body and this could significantly boost your immune system.

  1. Helps Improve Your Mood

Fatty acids have become an important component in several studies done about mood disorders. By supplementing with Omega 3, symptoms of bipolar disorders can be improved. Furthermore, patients suffering from ADHD may also benefit from the Omega 3, which is found in hemp seeds. These same fatty acids can also help improve one’s mood and regulate the release of neurotransmitters, which play an important role in treating anxiety and depression.

  1. Contains Fatty Acids Which Are Vital for Brain Health

The fatty acids found in hemp are important to the overall health of the brain and the nervous system. Your nerves work in such a way that they communicate with your brain and are protected by the myelin sheath. Myelin is a type of conductor that helps ensure that the messages sent from the nerve will reach its proper destination. Since hemp is high in these fatty acids, it can greatly help protect your brain.

  1. Can Be Used as Wood Varnish

Aside from the many health benefits, hemp can also be used for other purposes, such as a wood varnish. Simply mix a small amount of hemp oil to the lemon oil and apply the mixture directly to the finished woodwork. That should help make the furniture shine!

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