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This Hemp CBD Lotion Can Moisturize and Relieve Pain at the Same Time

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Curaleaf Hemp, a company that produces a line of premium CBD products derived from hemp, has recently released a lotion that’s not only designed to moisturize the skin but also to provide pain relief.

CBD is known to minimize soreness and inflammation and can relieve all kinds of body pains. The Curaleaf Hemp lotion offers more than that. It smoothens and moisturizes the skin as well.

What is Curaleaf Hemp?

Curaleaf Inc. is the company behind the Curaleaf Hemp premium CBD products. Developed by a team of scientists and experts, the products are all natural and non-intoxicating and have been manufactured under the strict US quality standards while the hemp is obtained from farmers based in the United States.

The Curaleaf Hemp products, including the hemp lotion, are made from natural ingredients that are infused with essential oils. Among these essential oils used are lemon, lavender, jasmine, vanilla, and ginger. The addition of essential oils provides another layer of benefits resulting in overall wellness.

Pleasurable Treatment of Pain

Those who have tried to use the CBD lotion from Curaleaf Hemp agree that the product has helped to make easing pain even more pleasurable. What’s great about this product is that the skin absorbs it quickly. Furthermore, the scent and pain relief that it provides lasts long, even after an hour of washing your hands. According to the product label, it’s recommended that the lotion should be applied up to four times each day to achieve maximum pain relief.

The lotion is capable of curing a wide range of ailments. One customer who used it for her arthritis found relief after only about 10 minutes of applying the lotion. She felt a tingling sensation upon application and eventually, her feet felt more relaxed.

Another customer suffered from an old knee injury and relied on the Curaleaf lotion to treat the flare-up on her feet. She massages the lotion into her swollen tendons every day before bedtime, as well as around her kneecap. Immediately, after application, she feels relief from pain, making her sleep well easily. In fact, she noticed that her leg is no longer as tight on the following day and she can now perform her daily stretches with ease.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts

Curaleaf uses full spectrum hemp extracts in all their products. They have also provided a breakdown on their website on how the lotion works. Aside from the lotion, they also sell CBD oil, soft gel capsules, vape pens, and several other CBD products!

All the products that Curaleaf produces have gone through strict laboratory testing before formulation. The final products also undergo batch testing before they are distributed to the market. Like the other reputable companies that manufacture health and wellness products, Curaleaf offers lab results upon request.

Curaleaf has made a name in the market for being one of the leading providers of top quality medical CBD products and the Curaleaf Hemp CBD lotion is a proof of this.

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