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The World Health Organization Confirms That CBD is Safe

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A division of WHO has confirmed that CBD oil is safe to use and comes with several potential benefits. In fact, they have recommended that the substance should be declared fully legal. Such recommendation came from a report of the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence and advised the global body on how these substances can be properly handled, which could be addictive or harmful. The authors have been clear of their assessment. For them, CBD exhibits no effects in humans that indicate any dependence or potential for abuse.

The report also highlighted several potential benefits of CBD use although the authors have emphasized the need for more research. These findings are an important sign of the change of attitude towards these beneficial substances that thousands of people are using regularly.

CBD is Not Associated with Abuse

The WHO CBD report of the ECDD was published in November and was given renewed attention by the policymakers and the media after it was published on December 13. The committee raised a serious alarm regarding the risk that the carfentanil has posed. This is a dangerous synthetic opioid that’s similar to fentanyl, although their reaction to CBD was totally different.

While the ECDD wanted to see very strict control over carfentanil as well as on some other synthetic opioids, they argued that CBD must remain legal and recommended further investigation over its possible benefits.

WHO Report May Improve Global Drug Policies

The ECDD has also concluded that the current information doesn’t necessarily justify the scheduling of cannabidiol and has postponed a full review. Their CBD WHO report even goes further and says that CBD is safe for humans to consume and that it has several potential benefits that require thorough research.

According to the authors, the CBD doesn’t have any potential for abuse. They have also reported that several studies have found that CBD is not toxic and comes with a few minor side effects. Upon preliminary research, they found that the CBD doesn’t have any effect in the embryonic development.

Just as important, the report has also acknowledged the growing scientific evidence suggesting that CBD has significant healing benefits. They concluded that the clinical use of CBD is, in fact, the most advanced form of treating epilepsy.

A lot of the epilepsy sufferers, most importantly the small kids, who suffer from types of epilepsy that are hard to treat, have discovered that the CBD can indeed provide great relief for their symptoms.

There’s also evidence suggesting that CBD can be useful for treating several medical conditions according to the ECCD. But this research may be significantly less advanced when it comes to the treatment of epilepsy. In addition, the wide range of conditions that scientists have considered to be possibly treated with CBD is consistent with its anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and anti-asthmatic properties.

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