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The US Hemp Authority Approves 13 Hemp Companies

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The Hemp Authority of the United States has announced that they have given Certification Seal to 13 outstanding hemp companies that have met the stringent standards laid out for product quality and safety.

As the industry for hemp-derived products continues to grow rapidly, they believe that it’s important to let the world know that they are serious about their intention to act responsibly. This is why they give priority to safety and quality assurance. Established last year by the US Hemp Roundtable, the Hemp Authority is an organization of more than 50 hemp companies that support the hemp industry at the federal level.

The US Hemp Authority Certification Program

The certification was specifically designed to educate producers and farmers regarding the Good Agricultural Practices and the Food and Drug Administration Current Good Manufacturing Practices. It also aims to ensure that consistent quality is applied to all hemp-derived products.

The program’s goal is to provide the best practices, highest standards, self-regulation, and confidence to consumers and law enforcers that hemp-derived products and CBD are totally safe for consumption. The effort was initiated by the US Hemp Roundtable along with other organizations like the Hemp Industries Association, quality assessors, testing laboratories, and the participants of state pilot projects. The US Hemp Authority has also developed comprehensive guidance for the processors and growers of hemp.

Administered by experienced verification and quality assurance professionals from the best companies in the field of food and agriculture, the certification was audited by Validus, an affiliate of Where Food Comes From, Inc. They are the world’s leading provider of verification and certification services.

13 Companies Were Given the Certification

The US Hemp Authority admitted that establishing the program was a long journey. After countless hours of work and thousands of pages of inputs from stakeholders, they finally released the first batch of their awardees.

All in all, there are 13 companies that were awarded the certification. In Colorado, the companies are Charlotte’s Web, Balanced Health Botanicals, HD Distribution, and Bluebird Botanicals. From the state of California are HempMeds, Medterra CBD, and CV Sciences. In Kentucky are GenCanna, Shell Farms, and Nature’s Hemp Oil. The MetaCan from Georgia, Hempworx from Nevada, and Barlean’s from Washington also received the certification.

Guidance Plan 2.0

The Hemp Authority has also revealed that they are in the process of updating the program and will release it soon. Called the Guidance Plan 2.0, this new program will consider ongoing input obtained from certified farmers and companies, including the stakeholders in the field of oilseed, fiber, extracts, and nutritional supplements. Their top priority is in engaging with interested parties in the hemp industry.

The current program was developed along with the guidance of David Bossman who is a veteran in agricultural self-regulation. Bossman is from the AgWin Group and has no financial interest in the industry. The Hemp Authority has gathered inputs from more than 20,000 interested participants. They directly reached out to each and every participant through the help of the state-sponsored hemp pilot projects.


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