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The New WWE Championship Belt is Made of Hemp

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An eco-friendly version of the WWE Championship belt has recently been unveiled and is made from 100% sustainable hemp materials. After Daniel Bryan defended his championship title against AJ Styles last month, he flaunted a traditional leather belt on stage and said that it’s an eco-friendly championship belt made of hemp and some wood coming from a fallen oak tree.

Bryan Despised the Traditional Leather Belt

Bryan, who is vegan and a real-life environmentalist, despised the old traditional championship belt that was made from leather. It seems like WWE took advantage of the champion’s pro-environment advocacy and chose him to promote the highly sustainable belt. Understandably, PETA, a popular animal rights group, praised Bryan.

In 2009, Bryan decided to follow a vegan diet due to health reasons and continues to maintain a vegetarian but mostly vegan diet while on the road with WWE. PETA awarded Bryan the Libby Award in 2012 and dubbed him the most animal-friendly athlete. Recently, Bryan called out Chase Field over Twitter for serving a burger at the Royal Rumble.

Bryan threw his old leather title belt into the garbage can saying it is trash. He said that if he will become the WWE champion, he’s going to change the world. Thus, he unveiled his new eco-friendly belt made by a company known as Wildcat Championship Belts. He believes that the belt is a perfect symbol of excellence.

Mass Producing the Belt is Not Cost-Efficient

Although many have praised Bryan for his decision to ditch the leather belt in favor of the hemp belt, there are others who criticized such a move. According to some belt designers, mass-producing the eco-friendly belt that Bryan promoted is far from being cost-efficient. First of all, the belt features 3D machine engraved plates. Secondly, it has more than 300 cubic zirconia stones and Swarovski stones. According to some industry experts, producing such a belt could cost roughly $2,000. But the question is, “Will the demand for this belt be enough to warrant a mass production?”

Eco-Friendly Belt Heard Over Twitter

Bryan’s new eco-friendly championship belt has received both praises and criticisms from wrestling fans. Some of them disapproved his haste decision for replacing the traditional leather belt with a gold design, which the WWE Championship belt is known for. There are also those who praised his boldness and appreciated his eco-friendly message.

Some of his fellow wrestlers have also weighed in on his decision. The hosts of Straight Shooters praised Bryan and the craftsmanship of the belt. They speculated that his decision might lead to an extended run inside the WWE ring.

As for what this means to the advocates of weed, this may be a good sign that hemp has now grown more room than ever in public consciousness. It was in late 2018 that hemp was made legal, thanks to the approval of the 2018 Farm Bill, which removed hemp from the list of federally controlled substances.


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