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The Mignanelli Family Gets Ready for Their First Ever Hemp Harvest

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Diane and Robert Mignanelli are among the first people who have grown industrial hemp in Adelaide, particularly in the Fleurieu Peninsula. They admitted that it was not an easy ride, as the couple had to go through a tough journey to reach this point in their business. But after all that they have been through, they are now at a point where they are about to harvest their first batch of hemp crop. They have gone through a massive learning curve before reaching this far, but it’s still something that they are very glad they have undertaken.

An Interesting Experience

According to Robert, their journey has been a very interesting experience, especially upon seeing the crops grow. They are looking forward to diversifying their land. They have always had beef cattle, however, they didn’t want to merely rely on one thing. The couple has done a lot of research that includes extensive traveling prior to starting the business. They didn’t dive into the business with their eyes closed. It’s been such a ride but they are grateful for having done it.

Diane admitted that cultivating hemp has actually been beneficial to their land. After several years of compaction, they need to rip the ground up and the hemp crops have helped to condition the land.

Hemp Has No THC

Contrary to what many people think, hemp contains only a small amount of THC, the substance responsible for the feeling of high that one would feel when taking marijuana. Since hemp hardly has any THC, it will not trigger any psychological effects on someone.

The plants can grow up to two meters tall and the couple is expecting for the crops to reach 2.5 meters once they are harvested after a few weeks’ time. As excited as they are to see all these things happening, it seems some other people are too. However, the couple encourages the curiosity of the people around them. They even welcome visitors to come and take pictures.

People Are Curious

As the first few people who have decided to cultivate hemp in Australia, the couple has become popular in the area and dozens of people stop to check the crops. During the Australia Day weekend, a lot of people visited. What really caught their attention was the fact that the crops have grown very quickly.

The Mignanellis welcome people to visit and take a look at the crop for as long as they inform them beforehand. As a matter of fact, they have visitors exploring the entire property!

Despite the fact that hemp doesn’t contain any psychoactive property, it’s still considered a prohibited substance. One cannot simply get inside to take a look without getting permission. There are also incidences where people would go as far as taking some of the crops, which the couple has to report to the authorities. For them, it’s their legal obligation to inform the police even though the crop doesn’t have any THC.

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