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The Many Environmental Benefits Of Choosing Organic Hemp Clothing

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As an organic clothing textile, hemp comes loaded with environmental benefits that will leave you feeling really good about your green clothing purchase. It’s less toxic to produce, better for the soil and the climate, water-saving, land-preserving, and highly durable, making it the fabric that keeps on giving.

Let’s start with how much better for the environment hemp is than traditional clothing fibers like conventionally-grown cotton. To start, hemp can be cultivated without the use of toxic agriculture chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers. That’s because hemp is naturally resistant to most pests and weeds. In fact, there are actually no registered pest control chemicals for use with hemp crops. Much of the weed-control is accomplished by the large hemp plants which choke out the sun and prevent weeds from growing.

While some farmers choose to cultivate hemp with pesticides and fertilizers chemicals, hemp can be grown effectively using cover crops and organic manures. This reduces the pollution that flows into our water sources, pollutes our soil, and evaporates into the air. What’s more, hemp has been shown to actually add nutrients to the soil and even clean up toxins in the land through phytoremediation. In contrast, conventional cotton agriculture uses 10% of the world’s pesticides and close to 25% of the world’s insecticides which ruin the natural ecosystem in soil and deplete the land of vitality.

Hemp is also an excellent crop for preserving valuable topsoil. With long, strong roots, hemp helps to anchor topsoil in place and prevent erosion, which is important for the health of aquatic systems and for long-term sustainability of our agricultural system. We also know that hemp may well be a key to helping fighting climate change as it is highly efficient at sequestering carbon in the soil.

But that’s not all. Hemp is also water- and land-efficient. Though some farmers choose to irrigate their hemp crops, by and large, hemp is able to grow without artificial irrigation. It also produces an incredible amount of fiber per acre – almost twice as much as cotton, in fact. That means wild lands can be preserved when hemp is chosen over cotton for organic clothing.

Of course, organic clothing also needs to be practical for everyday purposes, and hemp doesn’t disappoint. Hemp clothing comes with a variety of benefits for you, the consumer:

UV protector: Hemp naturally blocks out UV rays, protecting skin from burning. No sunscreen required!

Durable: Hemp is a highly durable yet very breathable textile, meaning organic clothing made with this material will last a long time without needing replacement. That means lower costs for you and less waste and resource consumption.

Versatile: Hemp can be used in pure textiles or blended with other fibers to create the desired look and feel you’re after. Silk and organic cotton are two great choices for blending.

So if you’re looking for a way to affect a green change-up in your wardrobe, consider hemp clothing. You won’t be disappointed, and the earth will thank you.

Article From: Adrian Desbarats

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