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The History of Hemp as Medicine

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Unknown to many, hemp has been used to treat people for thousands of years now. Just like with most herbs, we cannot really be sure when did people first started to experiment with medicinal hemp uses.

Most medicinal plants were actually first used as folk remedies and were passed down through generations. It’s highly possible that hemp has been used for medical treatment long before its effects were discovered.

Hemp in Ancient Times

It was in ancient China when the first medical use of hemp was discovered, which was around 6000 BCE. From then on, hemp has been used to make food, clothing, shoes, and even tools!

It was not until the 2737 BC when historians discovered written evidence on the medicinal uses of hemp oil. Emperor Shen Nung is said to have developed topical oils and teas made of hemp, which helped treat pain. His findings were written in the first editions of Pen Ts’ao Ching.

Hua Tuo is said to be the first person that recorded the use of CBD oil Chinese medicine for anesthetics during the second century. He noted down that the plant can help with the treatment of certain issues like hair loss, tapeworms, and blood clots.

Long History of Hemp Use

Romans have a long history of using hemp. Around the 77 AD, a Roman author named Pliny the Elder wrote about how helpful hemp was when it came to relieving pain. But then he also noted that excessive use of hemp might have some negative effects on one’s sexual performance.

During this same time, Pedanius Dioscorides, a Greek physician, penned a pharmacopeia listing hemp’s medical benefits. The list included easing the pain in the ears, treating burns and stomach-related disorders. Around the 200 AD, Galen, another Greek physician, talked about hemp’s ability to relieve pain. Yet, he noted that too much use might also lead to dehydration, headaches, and stomach pain.

Cannabis use is also popular among people from the Middle East regions, and this could be because of Islam’s prohibition of alcohol consumption. Given the abundance of hemp, it’s not surprising why physicians from around the world are very much familiar with hemp. They are very much aware of the many benefits of hemp, which include pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic, anti-emetic, diuretic etc.

Rediscovering Hemp’s Medicinal Benefits

Due to the limitations imposed by the government because of the war on drugs, only a few types of research were conducted on hemp as of now. Unfortunately, for those who are suffering from chronic conditions and are interested in learning more about hemp as a treatment, the current restrictions posed on hemp researches could mean a delay in relieving their debilitating symptoms.

It’s truly unfortunate that a lot of patients have missed out on the potential healing benefits of hemp. But the good news is that a lot of medical experts are now starting to recognize hemp’s medical properties.

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