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The Evidence That Shows How Hemp Can Help Treat Cancer

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Hemp has been touted as a revolutionary plant. Among the treatment options that it has been recommended for in the past include cancer. Experts believe that hemp has compounds that are useful in treating cancer. Early in the 2000s, marijuana was fought by the legal system to the point that it was banned and listed as a Schedule 1 drug.

Things are relatively different today because we have been exposed to lots of information and through research, we can verify a lot of claims on hemp. One thing that was a mainstay back in the day was that most people couldn’t tell apart hemp from marijuana. Today, we can tell the two apart from their composition. It’s through selective breeding that people are able to tell apart the differences between these two plants. Industrial hemp, for example, only has less than 0.3% of THC. Marijuana, on the other hand, has a higher content of THC, with most strains having at least 10% of THC, and some hybrid strains having as high as 30%.

What is the Role of Cannabis in Fighting Cancer?

Interest in cannabis and cannabinoids, in particular, is at an all-time high, especially coming off the back of President Trump signing the 2018 Farm Bill. Given the health conditions and ailments that cannabis has been linked with providing relief, it’s only fair that we look into the prospect of using cannabis to fight cancer. Is it possible?

According to experts, it could be possible. Based on their studies, different types of cannabinoids interact with the body in a unique way, in the process preventing cellular splicing, cause some cells to die, and preventing cells from forming new blood vessels. At the same time, there’s also proof that some variants of cannabinoids can encourage the growth of cancer cells, and even damage useful blood vessels.

From this perspective, there’s still a lot of room for a study into the possibility of fighting cancer through cannabis. Different studies into this have often yielded mixed results. There are studies that have shown that the use of cannabis can provide protection against cancer, while others have shown that cannabis can increase the risk of cancer.

Managing Symptoms

While experts are yet to come up with conclusive proof on the use of cannabis in the fight against cancer, they do agree on the fact that cannabis can help manage symptoms that are often associated with cancer, like pain and nausea.

Some special drugs have been introduced into the market, drugs that contain chemicals inherently present in cannabis. Such drugs are useful in treating ailments often associated with chemotherapy. They can also improve the patient’s appetite in case the patient has lost appetite.

Given the fact that there are still mixed results on the wider target of the use of cannabis towards finding a cure for cancer, or fighting cancer altogether, experts believe that more clinical trials are necessary, especially into the chemicals that are present in cannabis, and their role in the fight against cancer.

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