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The Differences between CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil

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The main difference between CBD oil and hemp seed oil is the part of the plant from which the oil is extracted from. Hemp oil is often obtained from the seeds of hemp and is used as an ingredient in soaps and lotions. CBD oil, on the other hand, is usually obtained from the leaves and flowers of hemp. It’s mainly used for medical purposes, mainly for treating inflammation.

With the many different CBD products today, it’s easy to be confused on what product to buy, such as tinctures, lotions, and oils. To help you understand the difference between these oils, read on.

What is Hemp Seed Oil?

From the name itself, hemp oil is obtained from hemp seeds. It’s usually extracted from the seeds of industrial hemp plants and contains an extremely small amount of THC. This is the chemical compound in marijuana that triggers the feeling of high. Thus, hemp seed oil is non-psychoactive. The oil is used in many ways, but it’s commonly used in cooking. In fact, it’s a great alternative to the olive oil. It has a nutty flavor and it’s a great source of protein. The hemp seed oil is also used in lotions and soaps, because of its ability to hydrate the skin. Others also use the oil to treat skin conditions.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD means Cannabidiol and CBD oil is a type of oil that’s extracted from the leaves and flowers of hemp. Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring chemical from marijuana that doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties. The uses of CBD oil usually revolve around therapeutic applications. For instance, athletes use the CBD oil for pain management and to minimize inflammation. There are also CBD-based medicines that are approved by the FDA for use in treating epilepsy. As new discoveries are made, the number of uses of the CBD oil has also expanded. For instance, CBD oils are now being used as a treatment for depression and to relieve stress.

Buying Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil

As you can see, both hemp seed oil and CBD oil come with many important uses and both are highly beneficial to us in many ways. They differ greatly in the way they are extracted. The hemp seed oil is obtained from hemp seeds while the CBD oil is from the leaves and flowers. Both oils also differ in the way they are used. When choosing between the two, take the time to learn the difference between the two so you can decide for yourself which oil is suitable to your needs.

In places like Canada, it’s legal to purchase hemp seed oil and CBD oil. As a matter of fact, you can easily buy them online. If you’re from Canada and you want to purchase hemp seed oil or CBD oil, make sure you look for a Canadian licensed distributor of medical cannabis products. In some cases, it will require that you present a valid prescription, which you can obtain from your doctor.

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