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The Coalition of Tennessee Growers Organizes Hemp Day on the Hill with Lawmakers

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The Coalition of Tennessee Growers hosted a learning session with lawmakers regarding the issue of hemp. According to them, the view towards hemp has dramatically changed in the last few years and people are expecting to see a lot of movement in the market soon.

Named as the “Hemp Day on the Hill”, the event gathered processors, farmers, and medical professionals for an overview of the thriving hemp industry.

Topics Covered During the Session

The learning session covered a wide range of topics ranging from the basics of hemp as well as its non-psychoactive derivative, the CBD. It also talked about the ongoing research on hemp and the latest legislation such as the 2018 Farm Bill. The controversy surrounding the cannabis industry was also covered.

A hemp farmer who joined the session said that he’s hoping for the lawmakers of the state to recognize and comprehend the science behind hemp and that they shouldn’t consider it something similar to marijuana, which is a prohibited substance. He added that hemp should be seen as something beneficial and could help rebuild communities and assist the local farmers who have been greatly hit by the decline of the tobacco industry.

Growers are hopeful that everyone will someday understand the importance of hemp as a crop. It should be seen as an alternative crop for Tennessee’s agricultural industry.

Educating Lawmakers is the Key

With the various hemp-related bills that were in line in the legislative session, such as proposals on workplace drug testing and smokable flowers, hemp advocates say that the need to educate lawmakers about hemp is the key.

Recently, state lawmakers in Tennessee announced that they are now in the final steps of drafting the legislation for marijuana. As proposed, the legislation will develop a new government commission to help regulate the industry of marijuana and allow patients diagnosed with certain illnesses to acquire a medical card that will give them a chance to legally purchase marijuana products from state dispensaries.

Medical Marijuana Bill

The medical marijuana bill is going to be introduced to the public in the coming weeks. The Medical Cannabis Trade Assoc. of Tennessee has approved their efforts. The lawmakers, as well as the organization, have referred to the proposal as carefully curated medical marijuana strategies that have been effective in some other states. They have also stressed that the proposal is going to be significantly different from the other bills that have already been introduced in the previous years.

According to the lawmakers, there’s now a wide range of cannabis products available in some other states and they are concerned that a person from Tennessee may not be able to find relief for their illness, especially parents of kids who are suffering from seizures. They believe that they could help an astounding number of people with the proposal of the medical marijuana bill. The lawmakers consider marijuana as an effective and natural option for relieving body pain.

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