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Tennessee Has Turned Into a Powerful Market for the Hemp Industry

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Tennessee is set to become the biggest market for hemp in the United States. Nowadays, you’ll find several CBD derived products being sold all over Nashville such as hemp oil, CBD etc. And it’s not just in Tennessee that the hemp industry is growing. In North America, for instance, stocks are all the rage. Canada has decided to legalize pot and giant companies like Coca-Cola are taking part in the growing industry by producing wellness beverages infused with CBD.

How Tennessee Accepted Hemp and Cannabis

Thanks to the open-minded people of Tennessee, the legalization of hemp has been widely accepted in the state. A growing number of Tennesseans are touting CBD as a miracle cure for various illnesses, from anxiety to back pains and seizures.

The people of Tennessee are open for the change, especially those who are already tired of being sick and are desperate to search for an effective treatment to a number of illnesses. They no longer want to rely on opioids.

However, just like with other states in the country, there’s still some confusion on the CBD’s legality in Tennessee. Early this year, the authorities of Rutherford County closed down some businesses involved in selling a wide range of CBD products. Several days after that, these businesses were opened again after the authorities determined that CBD products are, in fact, not illegal marijuana.

Legality of CBD in Tennessee

CBD is legal. In fact, it’s deemed very helpful. It’s not something that people should stay away from and if you do decide to use it, there’s not a need to hide in the dark for fear of getting arrested. In order to remove the stigma surrounding CBD, several advocates are now on a mission to spread awareness and inform the public about hemp’s benefits.

When people found out how well the CBD actually works, their perception about the product changed. CBD advocates in Tennessee want to educate the people and make them understand the numerous benefits that come with using the products derived from CBD.

Farmers Find Hemp Profitable

The local farmers of Tennessee are also benefitting greatly from the growing CBD industry in the state. Others are now switching from growing tobacco to growing hemp. For instance, Bill Corbin from Springfield owns a 23-acre farm that grows hemp crops. He started with growing hemp 4 years ago when the state’s Department of Agriculture launched the first Industrial Program for Hemp. He himself is an advocate of hemp. With the increasing popularity of hemp byproducts including the CBD oil, Corbin believes that hemp will be legal all over the world in the near future.

However, he admitted that he’s disappointed at how most people associate hemp with marijuana. He finds it disturbing at how a lot of people are still not aware that hemp is not a dangerous substance. It should be noted that CBD, which is derived from hemp, doesn’t contain any psychoactive component that can get the user high.

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