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Should You Drive After Taking CBD Oil?

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For a long time now, the conversations about CBD have been interesting. A lot of people are accepting the fact that the cannabis plant is not as bad as it has been considered to be over the years. The fact that many governments are becoming more receptive to CBD and cannabis as a whole makes it even better.

While CBD is getting good publicity all over the place, the psychoactive effect is also well-known. The question of whether or not you should be behind the wheel after taking CBD, therefore, is about the effect it has on you.

First, remember that it is illegal to drive or handle any machinery when you are under the influence of any drug or substance that might inhibit your cognitive ability. Of course, CBD has been touted as a non-psychoactive product. However, it will still affect you. The short answer is that it is not safe to drive after you take CBD. Let’s dig deeper into CBD to understand more about this.

Facts About CBD

CBD is one of the chemical compounds present in cannabis. It is a molecule that has become popular over the years as a result of widespread research. A lot of scientists have studied CBD in recent years, expunging the earlier beliefs that cannabis was harmful, hence the classification by the DEA as a Schedule 1 substance.

CBD has a lot of uses, both for recreational and medical purposes. It can also be used to help you induce calm and a sense of relaxation. For medical uses, CBD offers relief and works in the body as an antioxidant, anti-anxiety medication among many other uses.

How CBD Affects the Brain?

While CBD doesn’t have as dire an effect on you as THC, it causes some changes in the body which affect the way the brain works. The impact that CBD will have on you depends on how much of it you consume. If you consume too much CBD, it affects the serotonin receptors in the brain.

It is also worth noting that CBD is an allosteric modulator. What this means is that it can either impede or support the transmission of receptors. This affects how your body’s nervous system reacts or responds to different stimuli, especially when inducing relaxation or calm.

Its Effect on Your Ability to Drive Safely

The effect of CBD on the body is not intoxicating. It simply increases the level of GABA and Anandamide. While these effects might not be intoxicating, they will affect your mood. For most people, therefore, CBD will not leave you impaired in a way that you cannot drive or handle yourself well behind the wheel. To be on the safe side, it is not usually advisable that you drive after taking CBD. Take note of the effect that CBD has on your body, and discuss it with your physician. This can help them understand how they can effectively modify your dose to ensure that you are safe when on the road.

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