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Researchers Want to Harvest Hemp in Space

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If you were to introduce the subject of sending hemp to space, people would laugh at you or look at you in dismay. However, this is not fiction. This is a new reality that’s coming to pass, especially with a number of companies that are interested in space travel keen on learning about how hemp can survive in space, given the gravitational differences.

A Kentucky startup, Space Tango, wants to plant and harvest hemp in space. The idea behind this noble cause is to learn more about the ability of hemp to thrive in space without gravitational influence. This would also help to learn more about the quality that would be harvested, and whether this could affect the medicinal value of CBD. The result of this experiment should help in offering better, superior products to hemp and CBD lovers.

Space Tango is joined on this ambitious project by Anavii Market. Anavii Market is an online marketplace for CBD that offers reliable and quality CBD products for the users. The goal behind this marketplace is to become one of the most trusted marketplaces for CBD.

According to one of the lead members of the team, the idea is to see the difference in the biomedical systems, and the changes that happen when hemp is moved away from gravity.

Growing Hemp in Space

After spending more than a decade researching about growing hemp in space, Space Tango believes that there’s so much more to learn about this venture. Besides, given that there’s very little information about it at the moment, this should make it even more interesting for research scientists.

The company is interested in learning how plants can develop in an environment free of gravity. Given that there has been very little research on hemp in the past century, this opens a lot of room for research and advancement in studies concerning hemp. Besides, it was just recently that researchers started expressing interest in hemp, especially after different states became more receptive to the medicinal and recreational use of hemp.

Even as this project is expected to go on without a hitch, the scientists behind it are well aware of the fact that biological organisms are scrambled without the effect of gravity. This, however, is not a challenge for this team. Instead, it gives them an impetus to study more, learn more, understand the system better, and probably come up with something that we are yet to see here on Earth. It’s important to highlight that before they started working on hemp experiments, Space Tango had already developed medicinal plants which could only be produced in space.

There are two Space Tango research and development laboratories installed at the International Space Station. Each one of these labs has 21 component operation parts. This is to help reduce the nature of hands-on interaction that’s needed to grow hemp in space. These component parts are useful because they were designed for independent operation, providing a responsive payload, processing images, and data to Earth in real-time, reducing the life-cycle of application development and reducing the astronaut interplay.

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