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Pre-Application by KDA is Now Available for Hemp Research Program

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Kansas passed the Senate Bill 263 in April in order to enact the Alternative Crop Research Act, which aims to implement the Industrial Hemp Research Program, a pilot program authored by the Kansas Dept. of Agriculture (KDA). In line with this, the KDA has requested those who plan on participating in the research program to submit a pre-application for their research proposal, whether you’re a distributor, grower, or processor. 

The Pre-Application Process

The pre-application for the Industrial Hemp Research Program of Kentucky is voluntary. It should be noted that this is not an application for a license. Furthermore, those who are planning to take part in the spring must still obtain a license by going through the official process of application once the regulations come into full effect.

Those who have submitted their pre-application along with a research proposal will be given the opportunity to review the proposal with the Research Advisory Committee in order to determine the possibility of getting an approval once the regulations come into effect. Furthermore, those who have submitted a pre-application will receive direct notification once the process of full research license application becomes available.

Not a Full Research License Application

It’s important to note that the pre-application is not a full research license application. You will not be paying any fee and you will not have to undergo a fingerprint-based national and state criminal history record check. However, when it comes to full research license application, criminal history record checks are necessary, both in the national and state level.

In the Research Proposal that the applicant must attach, potential distributors, growers, and processors will be required to provide a detailed explanation about the research that they plan on conducting for the state’s Industrial Hemp Research Program. Otherwise, the application for research might get rejected.

Universities, colleges, and research institutes that are seeking to work with the Kentucky Dept. of Agriculture for hemp research can also register and apply for their research. There are program application forms available to download from the website of the KDA.

Regulations behind the Industrial Research Program

The regulations that will govern the Industrial Research Program are still in the process of getting an approval, as outlined in the webpage of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. There will be a public hearing soon and this will be one of the many steps required before the new regulations are fully implemented.

It’s important to review all application materials before submitting to the KDA. For those who are new to the hemp industry, it’s highly recommended to check out KDA’s website for more information about the Hemp Program and how the industrial research works.

The KDA also advises that they are not in the legal position to provide direct consultation when it comes to obtaining a license or to educate people about the cultivation and production of hemp. Prospective participants are expected to propose researches that can enhance the knowledge about the industrial hemp.

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