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Porsche 718 Has Components Made of Hemp

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Modern cars are being re-engineered to make them more efficient. One of the discussion points is to make the cars relatively lighter, which would help manage fuel consumption. There are a lot of options that are currently available, including carbon fiber and aluminum. The major car manufacturers have considered all these. However, the decision to use hemp in the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport comes as a surprise to a lot of people.

The GT4 is specifically designed for racing but is a sportier version of the 718 Cayman sports car. A good number of its parts have been engineered from an organic fiber mix built from flax and hemp byproducts, making it one interesting car. In the production process, hemp is used to make the rear wing spoiler and the doors of the sports car. What makes hemp an ideal material for this build is the fact that it shares similarities with carbon fiber when it comes to stiffness and weight. On the other hand, hemp is more environment-friendly than carbon fiber, which will make this a good marketing point, especially if there’s a need to target the environment-conscious buyer.

Redesigning Concept

Over the years, Porsche has been known to hold back on the Cayman model, to make sure that it doesn’t get the hype from the 911. However, looking at the concept for the GT4 Clubsport, there’s hope that for the first time in many years, the Cayman is getting a boost of fresh air, and might compete for market share against the 911.

718 Cayman models are traditionally built with four-cylinder turbocharged engines. However, the GT4 is taking a different approach altogether. It’s fitted with a naturally aspirated 3.8-liter boxer-six, which has been lifted from the earlier Cayman models.

Marketing Approach

How does Cayman plan to get this genius concept into the market? There are two ways they choose to go about it. On one front, they will be going after amateur drivers, people who simply need a car that they can own for fun, or because they can. These buyers will get the Trackday model of the Clubsport.

On the other hand, there is a market for individuals who are looking for a competition Porsche. For them, the Competition model is suitable. This is a model that’s specifically built for racing.

What sets these two models apart is that the Trackday model is a scaled-down version of the Clubsport. On the Competition model, Porsche has included an adjustable brake balance, an adjustable shock absorber and a quick release steering wheel. The competition model also comes with an air jack system.

It’s interesting to see how this model will perform in a dynamic market with dynamic consumer demands. However, Porsche has maintained the same approach they use for their cars, to make sure that their race cars and road cars are closely related. The Trackday model will be available in the market for slightly over $152,000, while the Competition model should be available for more than $179,000.

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