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Philadelphia Will Play a Very Important Role in the Hemp Industry

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The Farm Bill came at the right time for a lot of people. Legalizing hemp, a plant that had been castigated for more than 80 years was a bold step, one that many people thought would never happen. One thing that is true about the legalization of the Farm Bill is that it has opened opportunities for those who are willing to take the risk. The market for hemp has always been ready, thriving under secrecy, but all that is about to change, at least in Pennsylvania.

Peak Interest from Farmers

In light of the Farm Bill, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has since recorded increased interest in the plant, with a considerable number of people expressing interest. It’s important to understand that the Farm Bill didn’t just give a blanket approval for the production and sale of hemp, but it further recommended that measures be put in place to regulate the industry. This is where agencies like the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture come in. Hundreds of farmers have since responded to this, and have handed in their applications for consideration.

A lot of people realize that the legalization of hemp is a good sign for economic reasons, and as a result, they need to be at the forefront as and when things happen. One of the challenges that the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture will have to deal with, however, is how to create a buzz about a plant that for more than 80 years was outlawed. This legal status creates a certain level of bias and attitude towards hemp.

The issue here is that everyone is going to start from somewhere, at least those who plan on starting afresh. With the Farm Bill signed into law, there’s already demand for hemp, though the supply might not be sufficient. This is where the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture needs to come in.

Industrial Growth and Support

There’s a lot that has to be considered following the passage of this bill into law. In terms of capital, there’s a lot that needs to be ironed out. Like any other agricultural front, there’s a need for machines that will be used in harvesting hemp. There’s also the need for labor, fertilizers and many other inputs that will help in the long run.

To meet this demand, different sectors have to up their game in order to build a sustainable supply chain. Philadelphia is home to some of the finest minds in finance, distribution, manufacturing, and chemistry. These are sectors that will either be affected by, or that can influence the hemp industry in one way or another. Working together, the experts in these industries will play a bigger role in taking hemp from where it currently is, a plant that’s just making a comeback from a legally-imposed hiatus, and turn it into one of the best cash crops that Pennsylvania has seen in years. There’s a lot of potential in hemp, and Philly seems to be ready for it.

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