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New Study Proves That CBD Can Treat Kids with Epilepsy

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A new study has revealed new evidence about the effectiveness of CBD oil in treating epilepsy symptoms. The study focuses on the use of CBD in treating the symptoms of Dravet syndrome, a type of childhood epilepsy that’s often very difficult to handle.

Around the world, there are thousands of kids and adult epilepsy sufferers who are resorting to hemp-based extracts for treatment. Unfortunately, the medical industry and the government have been slow to deal with it.

Dravet Syndrome Symptoms Significantly Reduced with CBD Oil

The study examined 120 kids and young adults suffering from Dravet and added CBD to their existing medications. First, they counted the number of seizures that the kids had during a four-week period. For 14 weeks, the patients were given either a placebo or 20 mg of CBD oil each day.

The number of seizures each month went down to 5.9 from 12.4 in patients who were given the CBD compared to a reduction of only 0.8 in the control group taking the placebo. In addition, about 43% of the subjects that were given the CBD had their seizures decrease to half. 5% of those taking the CBD became seizure-free.

Past and Current Studies Ignored Because of Government Crackdown

Even before this recent study was done, evidence was mounting for several years that CBD was indeed beneficial for people suffering from epilepsy. But despite the promising studies, it took decades of activism by patients using CBD without prescription for the study around CBD to progress.

There are about a dozen studies that show the many benefits of using CBD for epilepsy, yet, despite this, only a few doctors are open to prescribing the CBD oil. Of course, most of them are just afraid to recommend or prescribe a substance that still remains in the government’s legal “gray area.”

Despite the progress of the studies, the Drug Enforcement Agency has continued to make threats against the use of CBD oil in recent months. Some of the local law enforcement agencies are also doing the same thing.

The Future of CBD Oil in the US

Currently, the Association of Hemp Industry along with their allies is suing the DEA on the ruling on the CBD use. A lot of experts are confident that regardless of the government’s opposition, much progress has been made on the CBD’s legalization that it will be impossible to completely turn the clock back.

Nevertheless, hemp advocates are worried that the government might continue its relentless crackdown on the use of CBD and other types of cannabis. Besides, while the DEA has maintained that cannabis doesn’t come with any medical benefits, the Department of Health holds a patent on cannabis application, thanks to its neuroprotectant and antioxidant properties.

The evidence is clear – thousands of CBD oil users and a number of scientific studies are enough to prove that CBD is, indeed, safe and effective in treating various health conditions.

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