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Kentucky Company Has Made Hemp Products Kosher

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There are now numerous advances in the industry of cannabis and even the Orthodox Union has gotten on board, providing kosher certification to some hemp products.

A hemp producer that’s based in Kentucky has recently announced that their hemp-derived products are now kosher certified by the Kentucky Kosher International. According to GenCanna, this is one of the most significant steps that they have undertaken in order to help raise awareness to the public about the many benefits of hemp.

Kosher Means Quality

Most people, especially in the Jewish community, are aware that kosher is synonymous to quality. Thus, the company’s decision to certify their products for kosher means that they are really committed to providing quality products to their customers.

Aside from the kosher certification, the company’s products and processes are also gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and have been inspected and licensed by the Kentucky Food Safety Branch and the Food and Drug Administration.

The Rapidly Growing Cannabis Industry

In a market as rapidly growing as the cannabis industry, setting standards is an important matter. The thing about cannabis, whether it’s medicinal or recreational, is that the quality is often taken for granted. Consistency is another factor that a kosher certification can provide a customer. This recent kosher certification has given way for a market that hasn’t yet been served before.

A lot of people tend to associate cannabis with smoking. Thanks to the work done by cannabis advocates in recent years, there’s now a lot of positive attention that’s given to hemp. In some other parts of the world, cannabis is considered a controlled substance that requires special regulations before it can be distributed and consumed. But according to Newton Kohen, the GenCanna’s director of external affairs, they have managed to make it possible for cannabis to be legally cultivated on farms, same as other agricultural crops.

Low in THC

GenCanna makes sure that their hemp products are low in THC. THC or the Tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive component of cannabis responsible for making one get high. In Kentucky, for instance, hemp is classified as a special agricultural product as a result of the section 7606 in the 2014 Farm Bill that allows for the legal production of industrial hemp at the Federal level.

The low THC substance can be used safely as an ingredient for various consumer products, including supplements and edibles. And since these products are still new, the ability to certify them is significantly important. This is why the company’s decision to have their products kosher-certified can be considered a badge of honor.

All the products that the GenCanna manufactures in their plant in Winchester are processed under the strict supervision of the Kentucky Kosher and in accordance with pareve and kosher. Indeed, the kosher certification is a great step for GenCanna as they are trying to establish a name in the fast-growing hemp industry. This certification can help to further establish a good track record in the market.

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