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Job Seekers in San Diego Have Been Invited to the Hemp Job Fair

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Hemp is a growing industry in California and that means there are plenty of opportunities for this industry in the state, including in the city of San Diego. In line with this, San Diego is hosting the hemp job fair and is inviting job seekers to take part in this event. According to the organizers, this event marks an important milestone for the hemp industry, one year after the state of California legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

Raising Awareness in the Community

The main goal of the event is to raise awareness and to make the community aware of the different brands of CBD products and dispensaries. Organized by the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market, this is the first job fair held in San Diego ever since the state legalized the use of recreational marijuana.

The fair is an opportunity for everyone in the community to meet and interact with everyone involved in the hemp growing industry. With hemp being legal now, this is something that’s expected to become even bigger in the coming years.

What to Expect at the Event

There are more than 30 companies that are expected to take part in the event and this includes the Golden State Greens based in Point Loma. As for the jobs, there are numerous types of jobs to choose from. Aside from those jobs that involve handling of the actual plants, there are also opportunities in management and marketing.

Companies are seeking employees of different skill levels. There will be people in suits and there are million dollar companies who are expected to take part. The growing hemp industry is now becoming more professional and business owners are in dire need to hire professionals who can help grow their company.

The San Diego hemp job fair is expected to be a big event and job seekers are encouraged to bring with them multiple resumes.

Ending the Stigma

Over the next few years, it’s expected that the sales on recreational cannabis in California could surpass the existing total GDP from an already established market. According to experts, the recreational sales might reach $4 billion a year, which is equivalent to five times of the current size of the medical market. While the growing potential of the California hemp industry is obvious, there’s still an ongoing stigma that can be a threat to the growth.

The organizers of the job fair are aware that there’s still a negative stigma present on cannabis use, but they are hoping to end the stigma by organizing events aimed at raising awareness. In fact, they are already planning to organize more events like this in the future that can somehow help shed some positive light on the use of cannabis and hopefully end the stigma surrounding it. In doing so, the California hemp market will continue to grow, which is good for the economy.

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