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Is It True That CBD Can Help You Quit Smoking?

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Addictions can take a toll on you. Millions of people are currently struggling with drugs or smoking addiction. A lot of people are in therapy, others are managing on their own. In recent times, cannabis, which has often been referred to as a gateway drug, is being touted as a possible way of helping people who are addicted to fight the addiction. According to experts on the field, research has since revealed the possibility of using CBD to fight addiction. Based on the clinical trials carried out so far, CBD can help you deal with substance abuse, smoking, and alcohol addiction. What’s more important, however, is understanding how this works.

Cannabidiol is the active compound present in cannabis that’s responsible for this. CBD has been successful in the past, in management and treatment of seizures and anxiety, and experts believe that it can also help in dealing with alcohol and smoking addiction. According to a recent study, there was a 40% reduction in smokers compared to those who were using a placebo. While there’s still a need for research, 40% is a gigantic proportion, and this is cause for further studies and recommendation.

Given the expenses involved in rehabilitation for smokers and drug addicts, using CBD could be a cost-effective way of helping the affected individuals get their lives in order. In a research where an 800 mg dose of CBD was administered, the researchers realized that those who were using CBD didn’t think about smoking as often as those who weren’t using CBD. With less intrusive thoughts of the substance behind their addiction, the researchers concluded that CBD can help individuals have a better shot at fighting the addiction.

However, the question arises as to how much of the CBD the patients need to take. In the study, a single dose of CBD wasn’t enough to help the patients overcome nicotine cravings or the withdrawal symptoms. These are two of the most important reasons why people get addicted. Scientists did, however, notice that if the patients kept using CBD more often, or if their dosage was increased, they had a better fighting chance, and would see more improvements. Therefore, while it’s obvious and clear that using CBD can help an individual quit smoking, there are still questions about how effective this is, especially when compared to specific drugs for cessation.

CBD works through memory reconsolidation. When we create memories, they are stored as short-term memories. Over time, these memories become long-term memories, leaving traces behind. What CBD does is that it makes the memory traces flexible when the brain tries to recall the memory, and in the process, your brain either modifies the said memory or gets rid of it altogether. This is the same principle that’s used in amnestic drugs. When a patient is craving their addiction, the amnestic drugs make their memories flexible, erasing memories of how much pleasure they would get from the drug in the process.

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