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Is It Legal to Use Hemp CBD Oil in the US?

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Despite the many benefits that come with using CBD oil, not to mention the growing number of research that shows its efficacy and safety, this popular hemp extract still remains in a “gray legal area” that’s somewhat confusing for most people.

The DEA insists that the CBD oil is an illegal substance while some other legal experts, including producers and vendors, believe that the DEA is overstepping its boundaries and that the hemp extract should be made legal.

The good news for CBD users is that the CBD oil is totally safe to use. There aren’t any indications that the CBD-only extracts that were made from agricultural hemp could cause a feeling of high, similar to the psychoactive cannabis, which is what the law enforcement is targeting.

Congress Legalized Hemp Production and Sales for Research

Although several states have already started to legalize the use of psychoactive cannabis, the substance still remains illegal on the federal level. Despite the evidence showing all forms of cannabis have numerous health benefits, under the Controlled Substances Act, cannabis still remains a dangerous drug that doesn’t come with any medical benefits.

However, in 2014, the annual Farm Bill included a provision that allowed states with legal laws on hemp to start licensing growers of cannabis for medical research purposes. The bill has broadly defined research, which didn’t only include market research, but also the sale of hemp-based products such as the CBD.

CBD Confusion Caused By the DEA

On December, the DEA released a notice classifying the CBD as a Schedule I drug along with the psychoactive cannabis. In such notice, they argued that the CBD oil is already illegal since all products contain a certain amount of THC, which is the psychoactive component of the cannabis. It’s a main active ingredient of cannabis, which is considered illegal. However, the new classification will also cover the CBD-only products.

Soon after, many headlines declared that it’s already the end of CBD in the United States. Yet, companies belonging to the hemp industry fired back and insisted that their products were still protected by the 2014 Farm Bill.

Hope for Hemp and CBD in an Uncertain Future

In a layman’s understanding of the federal law, if a certain CBD extract is free from THC and is made from agricultural hemp instead of the psychoactive cannabis, then they are most likely legal and free from the regulation of the government’s Controlled Substances Act. We strongly believe that consumers must feel safe in buying and using these products although with the current political climate that we have now, little is certain.

Although the CBD based products could face legal threats in the future, many are still hopeful that a good thing will soon prevail. Until hemp, cannabis, and the other derivatives are declared completely legal, we will continue to see government interference in the industry of cannabis.

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